Saturday, 14 January 2017

Put a finger on the sore spot

No matter what the burden laid upon you, it is not laid there merely that you may suffer, nor does any God wish you to bear it. It is yours because somehow, somewhere, sometime you missed a lesson in life that only this heavy burden could teach you. Therefore, conditions worked together and you were brought face to face with your lesson. Try to realise this. Then, if you can admit that what you are forced to bear is meant merely as a lesson to point out some shortcoming or absolute fault, know well that the moment you learn the lesson or correct the fault the experience will no longer be needed and it will pass away. Perhaps you lack faith, or patience or love, or you are given to the love of money, for we do not have to be rich to love money. There are many more poor than rich who love it. No one but yourself can put a finger on the sore spot, but when once you have found it go to work diligently, with all your heart, to correct the fault.

Rest sure in the love of your Father-in-heaven who has said that Not one of these little ones shall perish. No matter how little you are in your own mind, after you have scraped off the barnacles that are sinking you beneath the waters, no matter how heavy your burden, your Heavenly Father (who is your own Higher Self) will not let you perish. He will take away the lesson as soon as it is learned and will give you another which may require better physical conditions.

Teachings of the Order of the 15