Sunday, 29 January 2017

One with a glorious Father-in-heaven

Think of yourself as one with a glorious Father-in-heaven who is constantly shedding over you a radiant light. This light is a force or flame coming from above, or rather from within your own heart (the lamp). But there must be the oil of love and the wick of truth and confidence and trust, so the light may shine forth in the darkness and make a ring of light and force around you. As far as the light can send forth its rays you are surrounded by a protective aura, and no entity can penetrate within this ring unless you open a door. Keep your doors diligently; open them only to go forth carrying blessing and help to all who need, but shut them tight against any who would enter to desecrate the Holy Temple. Hold fast to the idea that you desire nothing but Divine Wisdom and will admit nothing but Spiritual Light.

Letters from the Teacher, Teachings of the Order of the 15