Sunday, 29 January 2017

It is all a part of the cure

I have been quite ill again, and I should like to know just what is the cause of it and what to do to avoid these spells in the future.

We will try to give you an understanding of the conditions in your case. You have taken a decided step upward and are feeling the change of vibrations. All life is due to vibrations emanating from the great, pulsating Heart of the Unmanifested. Conceive of the pulsations as coming from the centre of a circle and radiating outward to the circumference. Draw seven concentric circles and each one will represent a step inward toward the centre. In each, the vibrations will become faster and faster, finer and finer, for, naturally, they slow down as they get farther and farther away from their source, being slowest on the outer rim the physical plane. Therefore, a body attuned to the vibrations of the physical plane would be subjected to great strain when indrawn to where the vibrations were more rapid. This is so true that if a sudden jump were possible, instant disintegration would result. At every step taken by the Soul, there must be a readjustment of the particles of the various bodies until they all harmonise with the vibratory unit of the step. This often results in physical illness and, if not understood, the neophyte is apt to grow discouraged and think he is growing worse rather than better. But when understood, it is no more alarming or unreasonable than that an eruptive disease should first have to reach its crisis before a cure could be effected; it is all a part of the cure. You have asked that the Lord of Health shall lay His hands upon you, and you must understand that your request is being literally fulfilled. But all that is evil must be cleansed; all our sins, omissions and misapplications of the Law of Health must first be readjusted ere we can be filled with Life and Love and Purity. This is the only rationale of healing and is recognised by all regular schools of medicine. We so often forget that there is but one Law, as above, so below. You must recognise and realise that the Divine Healer, represented by the Master Jesus, is present with you and has, at your request, laid His hands (powers) upon you. So be still, and patiently trust and love and believe that every step all the way through is but a step toward the great, pulsating Heart of Love which is Life and Health and Immortality. You can retard or accelerate this readjustment by your attitude of mind exactly as a patient can help or hinder a physician in his physical cure.

Letters from the Teacher, Teachings of the Order of the 15