Saturday, 14 January 2017

I am God. I am That I am

Souls are all Sparks of the One Flame.

When we reach the point where we have the conscious desire to seek for Wisdom and begin feeling around for some guiding hand to point out the Path, we fulfil the first requirement of the Law, Seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you. The cry of our heart finds listening ears or that the hand we seek is touching ours—

I am God. I am That I am

The is the Higher Self, the overshadowing Father-in-heaven. It is the True Self in that it is the Egoa Spark of the Infinite incarnating again and again in an animal body for the purpose of gaining experience in matter and, through its informing physical atoms in an earthly body, to help redeem (spiritualise) matter. The whole body and its organs are but an ephemeral, transitory conglomeration of atoms, created and gathered together by the Real Self to use as a vehicle very much as a man might make or create a garment to wear for a certain purpose and for a certain time. The body wears out and is cast aside just as the garment is and a new one put on, but the Self never changes. It gains more experience and needs a better garment from time to time until, finally, it masters the matter which makes up its physical garments and immortalises it so that the personality is swallowed up in the Individuality; the mortal puts on immortality and becomes one with its Father-in-heaven.

The animal body, however, has a consciousness of its own which is always striving to rule the organism instead of the Higher Self. Until the Higher Self has gained full control it is often trampled underfoot and the Christ-force crucified. When passion and desire, with the bit in their teeth, dash the personality recklessly down the hill of sensual pleasures, disease and death naturally result, but the moment the Real Self asserts its prerogatives and grasps the reins, the personality will become the useful servant and passion and desire, not killed out but controlled, will trot quietly along in the harness of service, obedient to the Master's will.

The Ego may be looked upon as the Soul, while the Spirit is the overshadowing Divinity. As we have said before, the Soul is a Spark from the Infinite, while the Spirit is the Flame. The Spirit is the Breath of the Absolute; it has no individuality. Just as you might light a thousand candles with the same flame without detracting from it, yet each new flame would be individualised, so with Souls. Souls are all Sparks of the One Flame.

Letters from the Teacher, Teachings of the Order of the 15