Saturday, 14 January 2017

Deliver us from evil

In answer to— 

I am sure that I am growing, yet have experienced much darkness. I try to believe, I do believe, that the darkness is just as natural as the light to the growing plant. This self, the Watcher of the Threshold, I find a terrible monster, and seemingly, all but impossible to overcome. Yet while the fight goes on am slowly learning to say and live the words, Thy will be done.

The Teacher of the Order of the 15 returns—

You should not think of the darkness even as a night, or as a trial, but as a necessary condition for growth. The seed will never take root unless it is buried in the darkness of the earth. If you could penetrate the consciousness of a growing plant you would find that, while it spends a time blindly searching for light, sending out strong, firm roots hunting here and there in the dark earth, there will come a time later on when it will have gathered the consciousness necessary to send up its sprout into the light. It will then recognise that the period of darkness was the most important step, for without good, firm roots it would be withered by the sunshine, yet the sunshine was what it was seeking all the time. While the seed was still down in the darkness of the earth it was the same sun that was giving it life and power and drawing its sprout upward to the light while it was still mercifully shielded by the earth from the too strong beams of the light itself.

You are often told to live close to Nature, yet very few understand the significance of that injunction. It does not necessarily mean living in a tent or sleeping on the ground, but it does mean correlating your consciousness with Nature, trying through meditation to enter into the phases of natural growth and development, recognising the similarity and the oneness of all growth. In Nature you will find an explanation of every experience through which you pass. The man who has learned the great lesson of resting on the bosom of the Great Mother, Nature, and breathing in unison with her, pulsating with her heartbeats, is the one who lives close to Nature, no matter whether he is in the midst of the whirling business life of a great city or dwells, as Cowper puts it, in A lodge in some vast wilderness, far from the evil haunts of men.

Learn the lesson of living close to Nature and you will find that the Dweller, whom you have confused with the Watcher or Guardian—the Guardian being something entirely differentwill be no more to you than are the cold winter blasts and other material enemies of growth that are conquered not by fighting them, but by a persistent drawing to yourself of the Life Eternal out of the very elements of discord. Nothing in the nature of man is inherently evil; it is only evil through its misuse and the evils that are attached to it. Determine to deliver it from evil and to find The Christ-force within every temptation and everything that assails you, knowing full well that these things are the portion of goods that have been given you by your Father at your requestyour just belongings that you have deserved and out of which you must create your immortal habitation. Not one thing must be lost or wasted or destroyed, but each must be transmuted and its golden potency indrawn and built into the immortal Temple of the Living Christ. This is the meaning of the sentence in the Lord's Prayer, deliver us from evil.

Letters from the Teacher, Teachings of the Order of the 15, transcribed by Harriette Augusta Curtiss and F. Homer Curtiss, Curtiss Book Company, Los Angeles, California, 1913