Tuesday, 17 January 2017

As to failings, we all have them

As to failings, we all have them— 

The greatest example the world can have is to see a brave Soul struggling to do right. A perfect manperfect in his own estimationif such a one could be found, perfect and immaculately moral and correct in every outward seeming, would help the world very little. It is those who are honest with themselves; who know their own weaknesses yet are striving to conquer; who recognise that they are not above their fellow men; who are capable of feeling a sympathetic thrill with every failing and can grasp a brother's hand and from the heart encourage him to struggle onward because they themselves are still strugglingthey are the ones who are the real examples. Apply this test to any earthly contest and you will see that it is not the one who is perfect, who knows it all, who helps, but it is the one who is struggling with all his strength for supremacy who awakens the spirit of endeavour in his comrades.

The Teacher