Sunday, 29 January 2017

Again I say unto you rejoice

As to the world's sorrow, while we must sympathise with it and do all in our power to help, yet Wisdom teaches that all are God's children; that they work out their salvation in fear and trembling and sorrow only because they refuse to learn the lesson of salvation in any other way. They suffer because they choose to suffer, yet God would not have it so. If the world's sorrow oppresses you, remember that the very best you can do toward lifting that heavy load is to make a centre of joy and gladness in your own heart. Rejoice in the Lord, and again I say unto you rejoice. I wish I could impress this word rejoice upon your mind so that in turn, by the power of your Will, you could impress it upon the consciousness of every atom of your body, which consciousness in the aggregate is your subconscious mind. If you could register this idea of rejoicing within your subconscious mind you would literally breathe health into your body. Try to realise what health really means. It means doing the Will of the Father on earth, in your physical body, as it is done in Heaven in your spiritual body by your Higher Self, who is one with the Father; in which body there is no sickness, nor sorrow, nor death. Take up this thought and meditate upon it while constantly repeating the Healing Prayer. Also, repeat the Lord's Prayer and at the same time feel that you are creating a circle of life and health and joy that is filled with a bright light which sends its beams far out into the darkness to lead many a one to joy and peace.


O Thou loving and helpful Master Jesus! 
Thou who gavest to Thy disciples power to heal the sick!
We, recognising Thee, and realising Thy divine presence within us, 
Ask Thee to lay Thy hands upon us in healing love.
Cleanse us from all our sins, 
And by the divine power of Omnipotent Life, 
Drive out the atoms of inharmony and disease, 
And fill our bodies full to overflowing with Life, and Love, and Purity.

Letters from the Teacher, Teachings of the Order of the 15