Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Second Sphere of Immortality

This singular but solemn revelation is given from the spirit of a man whose whole career, whilst living, impressed the minds of all with wonder and amazement; he, himself, being the champion of the people of the age in which he lived, and freed them from the yoke of oppression to which they were subject in the reign of the eccentric King Charles I—

The first immortal sphere being now passed,
Pain and worldly cares are ended; 
And though happiness, hitherto unknown, is experienced  
By all in this state; 
Yet, even, we dread the Future existence, 
Which all are aware will be experienced hereafter.


I am the spirit of Oliver Cromwell who departed from mortal life to immortality on the third day of September 1658, at the age of 59, and who, whilst living, devoted the early part of my life, in manhood, to the welfare of my country and mankind in general, in which I was assisted by spiritual communications from on high. And while 1 adhered strictly to the commands and injunctions I thus received, every undertaking in my experience prospered, and 1 was thereby enabled to surmount obstacles unparalleled in the biographical history of mortal man, until repeated success begat in me the feelings of ambition, which inspired me to endeavour to attain worldly aggrandisement, and this proving to be displeasing to Him who endowed me with the power, and being contrary to the commands I had received, I was cut off in the midst of my disobedience and my memorable career ended in a manner which defies history to unravel. But I am commanded to declare that my death was the result of my own hand, by imbibing that which prevented the continuance of existence. And thus ended my life at a moment when by obedience prosperity was before me and around me on every side, notwithstanding the fabulous reports which the ignorant historians have left concerning me. At the period of my death, I experienced similar pangs to those who have already described the sensations of their last moments. After which I passed through the same scenes of misery, in which I continued for a series of years, I am unable to describe, before reaching the first classes in which I enjoyed happiness, which is impossible to be described, on account of its imperfection, and where I continued in all the variegated stages of the first sphere full double the period of my natural and material life, every moment experiencing the dreadful apprehension of a future state, which all knew existed, but which none were able to explain; neither can any describe the manner by which each spirit makes its transit from one sphere to the other, as there is no communication between them, and though sleep never occurs, yet, as if awaking from a dream, I found myself again, as it were, transformed into life, bearing the same appearance as that which I wore during my mortal existence, and where I found myself mingled with myriads of beings, some of whom I knew in mortal life, and who had departed before and after me. And here I found that we are all permitted to indulge in harmless diversions, enjoying a species of equality beyond the comprehension of mortal man’s conception. For here there is no ambition, no oppression, and no angry feelings displayed amongst each other, but every want appears gratified without any apparent physical effort. Wish for music, or any other harmless enjoyment, it is at once within our reach. So, likewise, we are permitted to visit the scenes of life, or distant lands, or to indulge in any of the exercises we were accustomed to whilst upon the earth; all retaining our earthly names and earthly appearances, and all dwell in perfect harmony. Still, all know of a future state, and fear lest our condition from the present may be worse in the future; each remembering the horrors in the sphere he has left, and the knowledge of the sufferings of those below, and the dread of the future is the only barrier to perfect happiness. For we are perfectly conscious of the sufferings of those who are still in mortal life, together with those who have entered the first sphere of immortality; but we have no physical sufferings here, neither have we any darkness, but are permitted to pass through the immense regions of space, in which all nations, and all grades, and all classes of society dwell in happiness and harmony, without feeling or regretting the sufferings we have before endured. Therefore, let mankind take warning, and remember that though they must suffer for the deeds done in the flesh, yet I am commanded to declare to the world that there is no eternal suffering. So let man shake off the slavish fear of men, and walk humbly before their Creator. And that though they may be deprived of the comforts of life which God created for them, and that they must suffer while passing through the first sphere, yet after this, when attaining to the place of my present abode, all men shall enjoy happiness and harmony unexampled in mortal life; although at intervals the dread of the future causes depression to all. But I am still commanded to declare that the sorrows experienced here are in no wise to be compared with the sorrows of the happiest of men in mortal existence. My mission is now complete, spread it abroad for the guidance of others! Farewell!

A Message from the World of Spirits, J. G. H. Brown, Holyoake & Co., London, 1807