Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Experience of the Second Sphere

In a Message from the World of Spirits,  author J. G. H. Brown, asks the following question— 

Whose spirit will be proper and suitable to give the necessary information, as a revelation, on the experience of the second sphere, or regions of space, for insertion in the succeeding chapter?

He receives this somewhat singular but striking revelation from a spirit of the highest celestial orders— 

I am commanded to declare, for the guidance and instruction of man, that it is unnecessary to obtain revelations from any other spirits who inhabit the regions of space; they, having suffered for the deeds done in the flesh while passing through the first sphere of immortality, or atmospheric regions, are all equal in this sphere, as the last spirit has described, where all dwell in perfect harmony with each other. Still, they remain there for a period varying in length according to their past life and retain their worldly names and appearances in whatever state they were born. Those who lived both before and even ages after Cromwell's death have passed even from that sphere, whose lives were morally and virtuously spent, as all suffer only according to their deeds done in the flesh—and though all remain in the first sphere double the period of their natural and material lives, suffering indescribable horror, until they reach the first classes of that sphere, yet there are numbers in the second sphere still who departed before and since the period of Cromwell's death, and, notwithstanding their happiness and harmony, they all dread a future state, even from that sphere, and are continually passing from the first to the second sphere, and from the second to the succeeding one, which will be hereafter explained. I have given this, by command, as a confirmation of the assertions which the spirits of both regions have made to guide the rising generation of man.

A Message from the World of Spirits, J. G. H. Brown, Holyoake & Co., London, 1807