Sunday, 27 November 2016

Our Idea of God

You once asked us to tell you our idea of God. My idea of the great First Cause is that He is a condition, may that be so? 

God must be unconditioned; it is only the limited that can be governed by condition. Perhaps if I had said State, it would have better expressed my idea? God is more than your idea of Him. A state expresses one thought of Him, but He embraces all things and all human thought will forever fail to reach Him or to explain Him.

My thought was that what nature is to physical man, God is to spiritual man. Are there not correspondences between things above and things below? 

Yes; created thingsI see what your thought is and as far as it goes, it is a correct one. He is you and He is the highest archangel, and you and He are part of this Infinite, which you are trying vainly to put into words. It would be impossible for the human mind in its present state to conceive of God as pure spirit, which He really is. We use words but they mean nothing to us.

Do you have no other means of knowing God than we have? 

I may have a clearer vision, but it is still human, and as Christ taught us, I call him still Father, for that means Creator, protector, lover.

Insight—A Record of Psychic Experiences—A series of questions and answers dealing with the World of Facts, the World of Ideals and the World of Realities Beyond Death, Emma Crow Cushman, Christopher Publishing House, 1918