Sunday, 20 November 2016

God's Manifestation

The way is the life and teachings of Christ. Christ has shown the right path and there is no more light needed than he has given. His words are very simple and a child can understand them; come to them as a little child and you will see their meaning. Take one of the commands you find in Christ's teachings each day and make it the guide of that day and you will soon understand, but do not expect to learn the whole science in one trying. Look each for yourself into the words of the great teacher and you cannot go wrong. Do not take what someone else says about his teachings but the very words as they fell from his lips.

How can we know that the words as we have them fell from his lips?

Do you suppose that if the All-Wise revealed Himself to man He did not take care that that revelation should be preserved?


In the gospels, as you have been taught. All other systems of truth, though humanity has had many, are inferior to this. You are only required to do what each race of mankind has been required to do—to accept and put into their lives the manifestation of God given them.

Insight—A Record of Psychic Experiences—A series of questions and answers dealing with the World of Facts, the World of Ideals and the World of Realities Beyond Death, Emma Crow Cushman, Christopher Publishing House, 1918