Sunday, 27 November 2016

For what things is it permissible to pray?

For what things is it permissible to pray? 

As the Master taught, for all material and all spiritual gifts, for all come from the one divine source and there is nothing beneath his notice and his knowledge. The act of prayer is in accordance with His will and it is proper and right for your own growth that you should thus recognise the God within and around you. The heart's desire is always a prayer; man prays even when he sins, for he only does not recognise the God and imagines he is acting from himself.

Is it well to pray for material things, since we do not know what we really need? 

The desires you call material are only natural and, therefore, right and it is the motive that makes them sins. If always done with a recognition of God, all things that are not against the brother are right.

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