Sunday, 20 November 2016

Do you think of God as a personality?

Do you have times of sleep with you? 

Not like your natural sleep, but we rest in perfect assurance that God is behind the darkness, and when we wake it is light because our thoughts turn to the source of light. Night does not come to all at once as it does to you, each spirit has what it desires. Light and work or repose and twilight. In some cities where all the dwellers are in perfect harmony it is night to all at once, but in others, as with you, some repose while others make their own light and work.

Are we detaining you from other duties? 

There are no more important duties than to give to those who ask. God Himself, we are taught, has no higher work.

Do you think of God as a personality? 

We have no means of knowing God in our present state, except as Christ has revealed Him and we pray as he has taught both us and you to the Father, in his name.

Do you ever see Christ? 

He comes to us in our hours of deepest spirituality, at other times he is our light and we look at him from afar as you do at your natural sun.

Can we ever behold him as a spiritual sun? 

Yes; you can feel and you have felt both his light and heat and the nearer you live his life, the stronger that light and heat will glow in your heart.

Insight—A Record of Psychic Experiences—A series of questions and answers dealing with the World of Facts, the World of Ideals and the World of Realities Beyond Death, Emma Crow Cushman, Christopher Publishing House, 1918