Monday, 31 October 2016

The way which leads to Thee and Heaven!

O, give me, Father, while below,
A knowledge of Thy Holy Laws,
That I may ever walk upright,
And gain thereby Divine applause!

Teach me, through Thy expanding works,
More of Thy goodness and Thy love,
That I may be prepared to live
In Thy exalted Courts above.

Make me contented with the lot
Which Thou hast measured out for me,
And, in each dark and troubled hour,
For consolation turn to Thee!

And may these glorious works of Thine
Invite me on to Heaven above,
Where brighter scenes and beauties shine,
In forms of Charity and Love!

Make every soul, dear Father, feel
The value of each blessing given,
And unto them each day reveal
The way which leads to Thee and Heaven!

John Quincy Adams (In Spirit)