Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Test of Mind-Control

The mind-body of the will is a symbolic circle and has a yellow centre with a light orange outer aura.

Why does the aura surround the mind reflection and the body?

The mind is sensitive and needs protection to keep out undesirable forces.

Why should the protection be yellow and orange? There are many other good colours, so why should it be those two?

Orange and yellow are very warm and filled with a power which attracts light vibrations, while many other good colours might attract more morbid vibrations.

How does one produce the aura of yellow and orange, supposing he does not possess it naturally and has to work to gain it?

By often visualising the colours desired at certain times, one can slowly produce a reflection which later will become permanent.

As an illustration, imagine a circle to represent the soul mind and the mental mind, which are really one.

The orange outer circle represents the mental and the yellow inner, the soul mind. 

And why is this?

The yellow is softer, more like the supreme white light of the eternal spiritual mind, which is the highest. The mental is orange because it is continually attracting new thoughts or forces by which it can expand and develop.

Realise that you can have anything you want. Know within you that there is no sense which is more powerful than the Mind and that your mind is a perfect reflection of the one great Mind. Gather your thoughts and concentrate upon what you desire the most. Do not fail to realise with the knowledge of the truth that what you want is yours if it is for a good purpose. If your eyes are cloudy, so much the better. That indicates that your mind is receptive. 

Rub your eyes with your hands and shake them in front of you with a gentle movement. Mentally repeat these words

I am all powerful, no matter what else surrounds me; 

Truth exists about me and I am of the one and only Mind. 

Repeat the words softly to yourself and feel as if you could ask for anything good and receive it.

Now rub your hands quickly together several times and again shake them in front of you. Lift your chest and breathe in deeply.

Repeat the words over again as you shake your hands in front of you and keep in mind the picture of the orange outer circle and the yellow inner.

Now, know there is one and only one Mind, which is all powerful and that you are of that Mind.

Have faith as well as understandingit takes a good proportion of faith to make the understanding clear. 

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