Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Planet of the Insane

Lord Kitchener* is advised that he should not become alarmed at anything which might come under his observation. He is assured that his friend is there and at any rate he must know the experience is unreal and cannot last. They seem to sufferthey dobut it is their test. They have to come out of it some time, although we have to help some of them. 

Lord Kitchener catches his friend's arm, anxious lest he loses sight of him. 

Sensing his troubled thought, he is reassured, No need to worry; I will not go far from you. Upon this plane, you will have many experiences, which will seem strange and perhaps quite trying. When we enter this house you will have several reasons to believe I have proven unfaithful to you, but upon my word of honour, Kitchener, I assure you I will not.

Suddenly there comes a scream that sends Lord Kitchener stumbling quickly after his friend and he stifles a groan. He takes hold of his friend's arm. He even then wonders at himself. On the earth, he had himself under control and here he is acting almost like a child in a dark haunted house. 

He follows his friend into the unknown darkness. He is wondering why there is no light and his friend answers softly, The light here is not bright, for there are so many clouded thoughtsand empty channels of thought. These are dark, burdened beings fighting the physical sense and trying to find the light, which the teachers cannot entirely establish. 

But why am I in the dark when I am not of this plane? 

The reason there is darkness for you is because you are still in the outer orbit of earthly thought, of physical craving and vibration. Your body is filled with the thoughts you held close to you while on the earth plane.

Lord Kitchener does not understand what he means entirely, but he goes forward into the house of strange noises, which chill him. Suddenly, he feels hands upon himcold hands, which touch his sensitive bodyand then, as a hand touches his face, he stifles a groan.

Why did you bring me here? Why must I suffer so? Have I not suffered enough? Not enough? Answer me, wherever you are Gladstone!

No answer comes. Lord Kitchener reaches out. He feels something clammy. A chill goes through him. He feels as if he were falling.

Why, in the name of the truth, did you bring me here? I cannot stand itI cannot stand it, I tell you. Answer me, wherever you are, answer me, Gladstone!

Then, as if from a voice, and yet with no audible words, he hears

You are still learning. You have no place other than here if you cannot rise above all this confusion and face the darkness and dispel it. Then, and then only, will you be a help and not a subject; then only will you have light; if you cannot stand it here, this is where you belong until you canuntil you overcome; that is the law of the astral.

At first, Lord Kitchener feels filled with a paniche wants to forget existencejust to be free from darkness and horrorjust to forget himselfto be nothingperhaps it is unconsciousness he longs forand then he begins to feel strangelyhe is sinking slowly into an unconscious state. He cries, No! No! I want to stand this testI will stand itfor I am strongnothing can harm me. I will have the lightnothing but the light and the truth. I am free. I want to be one of the great universal helpers. 

Slowly, into the space before him, which has been darkness, there comes a great light. It shines yellow and gold and seems to penetrate his soul. The darkness is gone. He is free from that test. He knows he is free to leave the plane whenever it is the right time to go. He has a sense of happiness. Looking around he sees his friend gazing pensively at him. But his serious face brightens. You came through the test, Kitchener.

They proceed in silence for sometime until Lord Kitchener asks, Does everyone have the same tests to pass? 

His friend stops and faces him. Does everyone on the earth plane have the same tests and lives to live? No, never just the same; there is individuality in spirit. This is just the continuation of the great school, which leads to knowledge.

* The Message—Lord Kitchener Lives (received by Ala Mana), Volume I, Grafton Publishing Corporation, California, 1922