Monday, 31 October 2016

The Law of Spiritual Sympathy

Is it not reasonable to believe that the ascended parent would still linger near the objects of his love on earth—be attracted to them the first by the Law of Spiritual Sympathy, to watch over, to counsel, to lift up and to instruct them in those mighty principles of a True Education, by which they might be led to a loftier piety, a broader Christianity, and to a higher plane of Moral Excellence and Worth? Is it not a rational conclusion that there he would seek out the loved one, to and through whom he could breathe his endearing tones of remembrance and love, and guide the thoughts to a Land of Perpetual Delights and Comforts; that there, where so many fond memories are intertwined, and which are constantly flowing back, like the waves of the sea, to the Shores of the Ever-Living Present, he would search for these to whom he could utter his inspiring messages of joy and hope, and tell of the glories of that Higher Home, where all the family ties, dissevered below, will be reunited in an enduring bond of affection and sympathy?

Twelve Messages from the spirit of John Quincy Adams through Joseph D. Stiles, medium to Josiah Brigham, Bela Marsh Publishers, Boston, 1859