Monday, 17 October 2016

Night Thoughts

When you close your eyes to sleep, first place your mind in a spiritual attitude and utter a prayer, audibly or inwardly. Never go to sleep until you have protected your subconsciousness, your conscious mind and your physical brain with good thoughts and prayers. Thrust out all thoughts but the good and unselfish ones. Never mentally treat or pray for anyone without his consent or request. Always be careful not to force your thoughts into spiritual channels. Attract those sacred, true thoughts easily, without conscious effort. Later, when you lie down to sleep, you will naturally think along spiritual lines. Excitement before going to sleep disturbs the mind when it is preparing to leave the body for the night's crusade; be careful to calm yourself as much as possible. Keep happy thoughts but do not allow them to excite you and disturb the quiet action of the physical heart and brain. When in a happy mood, pray as often as in a depressed one, for prayer thoughts are above all others. A prayer is a sacred tribute to God.