Sunday, 9 October 2016

Fighting Souls

The boy was a great sensitive when upon the earth—but when he lived there people thought those who could see visions were obsessed by evil spirits and could bring harm upon those whom they chose to injure. He told of things he saw, and his people, afraid of public opinion and of those that might put him to death, locked him in an attic. There he was forced to spend his youth. A fever came and quick consumption and he passed away, never having left the attic for a day. And his people praised God for taking him; they were glad to be rid of him.

When he entered the astral, naturally he was earth-bound, for while locked up with the terrible claim laid upon him, he acquired earth-bound spirits who fought for his body. When he passed on he struggled against them. An uncle came to him and brought him here where he has been cared for and where he has slowly recovered. He is a wonderful boy and will some time make a great helper. He understands the test of that phase and he can advance now to something different. 

When one is insane on earth, it does not forever stamp him in the astral in that light. This is their test. Some have to be insane on earth to learn the lesson of suffering from that point. Others are placed in that condition to overcome and it is a severe test for them. If they do not, they will be earth-bound for a long time until they overcome, for we all have to pass our tests alone. If they do not pass, they will not be weak or called insane, for there are no real afflictions on the astral planets; only the earth vibrations are aware of such. We would but realise that they were backsliding in not passing the test and that they must meet several very difficult tests to make themselves fit to enter the schools of development.