Monday, 31 October 2016

A Poetical Oblation

All things, dear Father, e'er declare

Thy wondrous goodness, love, and care—

On Nature's brow, in every land,

Is traced the impress of thy Hand!

The murm'ring rills reflect thy Face,

The ocean speaks thy louder praise;

While the sweet songsters of the air

Resound thy mercies everywhere.

The stars, which twinkle in the skies,

Reflect a love which never dies;

While sun and moon, with their pure light,

Good sermons on the soul indite.

On earth below, in Heaven above,

Thy works bespeak thy crowning love—

All Nature sounds thy Hallowed Name,

And chants thy Everlasting Fame!

In all thy works, throughout the land,

We see the wonders of thy Hand;

From lordly tree to lowly flower

We trace thine All-Transcendent Power.

O! give to us a searching heart,

That we may know thee as Thou art;

And with devoutness worship Thee,

As Thou, God, shouldst ever be!

John Quincy Adams (In Spirit)