Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Eternal Game of Seek and Find

The oozing out of vigour of life and joy is a deadly thing to allow to continue. It is one of the points of leakage Harry mentioned in Tee's letter. Enthusiasm is a life-giver. It means a speeded or lifted vibration, and that means more life current, more power.

Both Tee and you should watch that, and when you see things beginning to drag, do something new. Keep your life current at its best, and good of all sorts will come. That one thing is absolutely essential to Tee's work. He is too apt to take what comes, letting himself drift instead of taking a vigorous hold on circumstances, and changing the rate of his own vibrations. He could help his own lowered condition by going about to shows, but the other way is better, as it helps John up also. The unselfish thing is always best when possible. The machine will pull all of you up higher. That is what I have wanted to say ever since you came, but you wouldn't let me. I am glad always to see you hesitate, as it means you will be safe from others. It is more difficult to connect with you in the city, as you will guess, and I must often renew my strength from Harry who helps me that way. He is so full of life now, and so eager to help Tee and you. We will write a letter on your wedding anniversary.

With love from both,

Harry and Helen

Helen is here. This is the day we promised to write again. First, Harry wants to tell Tee that he has been with the Master constantly since we last wrote, and that things have opened up for him; that he is wild to get over to Tee as it would enable him to master his own problem so easily. But he has learned also that one can no more force another's experience than one can force open a flower before it is ready and willing to open itself.

Harry has thought hard to find some way to help Tee get away from his present impediment, but he is baffled at all points. Harry says it is the eternal game of seek and find for oneself. The only hint we can give is just to harp on what all other teachers from the beginning have harped on. Love and service, faith and a serene trust—all terms as dead as door nails unless one has seen the answer.

Deep down in the heart of all lies the key to success, no matter what sort, but none but self can use it and none but self can locate it. That is the difficulty as well as the justice of it. With the best intent, and a constant effort to find the hidden push-button which frees our power, we must grope alone.

Tee has intuition, so have you. Each must follow his own. We were both so sure the buying of the car would help, but even we hadn't reckoned on your mental attitude, which would have blocked any good in the thing itself. You see it is hard for us here to realise the real weight of material standards with you. We see moral and mental conditions so far outweigh money or its equivalent that we feel with a distinct shock their hold over you there. This fact we must reckon with, or rather you must. It seems childish, even silly to us, these conventional standards about things. If you could only for one illuminating instant get a look at true values as they exist here, all your troubles would melt like a snow bank in July.

Then, we say, what next? We must help you in some way. We must still have some ideas in common. We can't allow ourselves to degenerate into a bureau for information as to the location and status of relatives and friends passed from your sight. Life is too big and serious a matter for that. What we want to do is to get some idea across which will the quicker solve the problems which material conditions daily present: Some glimmer of the big, eternal law we all live in. That is the question we ponder. It is as truly a problem as it would be for a land animal to instruct a fish how to develop lungs and legs. It resolves itself into how to accelerate evolution. It's a matter of growth. The impulse of growth is desire—life, aspiration, what you will. When the desire is intense enough it will create conditions. Creation comes from within us. Exterior agents assist only casually, as the sun helps to open the bud. The desire to open comes from within, and it can and will open without the sun, but the sun quickens the ultimate result. Fundamentally, the desire, the impulse must be strong at the centre of being.

Success in any work depends upon how much we really love that thing. The more strongly we feel, the surer we are of success or achievement. Impediments are the cross-currents of mental attitudes which will deflect the general direction and retard results. One's eye must be single to any success. Not so selfishly single as worldly success demands, but single as to the sweeping aside of all personal vanity or petty feeling.

One may love an art, and yet only sacrifice oneself to achieve success there. The element of sacrifice seems one of the inevitable ingredients or elements of real success. However, we sacrifice too easily material things, holding back the sacrifices of our personal habits or mental traits, or our ideas. We can part with anything sooner than with our own set mental states, wrong though they be by every higher standard of ethics. Our ideas of what is right and proper we cling to long after they can be proved false and useless. One almost despairs of being able to do anything for those on the material plane. If your ideas were as fluidic as ours, if you let go of your preconceived notions as easily as we do, you could forge ahead by leaps and bounds. A hot blast of suffering sometimes melts you up, when reason could chip away for years at some idea and never dislodge it. It would be funny if it were not so near tragedy, this tenacity of ideas. A new idea is as hard to get accepted as any fact in nature. Our only comfort lies in the effect which coming here produces on so many of you. Having been obliged to see you had a mistaken idea about death, makes it possible to give hospitality to other new and startling facts.

One's mind must be as open as a child's to profit by teaching, no matter on what plane of life. An open mind and a hospitable heart are what we all must have to secure more than we have of anything. Harry says that Tee must follow his own inner light and work on his personal defects, with the idea of getting his whole mental and spiritual system loosened up, just as he would work on a stiff muscle.

Kick over conventional standards of conduct, make a set of his own wherein selfishness is the only sin; a desire to do and be his best his only impulse. It really cuts very little swath what colour the flower be, just so it opens up—opening up at this stage of the game being the one object to strive for. Let us look deep within and see what we really love most, then go after it. The primal impulse must be strong to push through obstructions. The obstructions are there to test its strength merely. Few of us know what we really desire. When we do we arrive, because desire is the great creator. Desire and love. There isn't a thing on earth as strong as these. All bend before and beneath them.

What work do you love, and why? Ask yourself that, and see that you answer truthfully. An unworthy desire has death in its success. It may come up to the barrier; even from unworthy work earnestly pursued. But at the barrier the unworthy is left behind. Here the idea with the big thing behind it only can enter and grow and develop. Not the work, but what we feel about the work gives it its desirable quality; makes it worthy the larger life; makes it able to withstand the disintegrating process of more rapid vibration. Without some percentage of eternal stuff or living matter no idea or work can pass into the more stable realm we live in.

You know that certain elements with you disintegrate with heat. A very little heat will spoil meat or vegetable matter, while metals will stand much. The law holds along the line from cabbages to friendship. Many give way under certain adverse conditions. If they pass these tests they are made of the right material, and will retain individual life. Our mistake is in labelling the transient with the mark of the permanent. Love or friendship not based on unselfishness surely crumbles at the test.

Everything has its place. The wise enjoy each in its place, use it and pass on. Tell Mamma that we can see our dear ones if we choose, but earth ties soon resolve themselves into comradeships with work as a common bond. Those who live at our vibratory rate are our comrades unless a great love has linked us there, in which case we serve those if they are beneath us, and they are thus helped by us to lift themselves higher here.

A few simple rules are enough to help anyone to right living. Get them down to simple primary impulses, and all you need is time, to arrive. It's easy when you know how, like walking, or breathing, or loving. A step at a time, one breath at a time. Love first close to one's heart, then in ever widening circles until it includes all life. It is too simple—the mind shoots past the mark, hunting difiiculties.

First causes are always simple. Take life, for instance, a life germ. What is it? A tiny, invisible something, yet so powerful, so wise it can build a tree, or a man, or a world about itself. We sometimes feel we have solved the eternal question when we say the vital spark is Love, because we can see what power that force has here. It seems able to create, though of course there may be something behind that. Harry and the Master and I often discuss it, and try to prove our position by creating some wonderful fabric, or work of music with that force only. The Master thinks it is only one of the aspects of creative principle, but low in the scale of souls as we are, we can do wonderful things with it. Elements and feehng here are interchangeable terms. Substance also can be resolved back and forth from one to another; tone into colour, form into tone, and back again. One learns to build an idea into many forms of expression, the idea only remaining the same.

Of course you know it's the artist who is permanent, not the form of his work. The artist is the personification of a permanent idea or attitude. He may use any material he likes; could do so always if he but knew it; make music, or machines, or pictures, or cook and serve a meal without impairing at all his personality as an artist, or a creator of feeling producing work. Any one who creates anything with his heart in his work is an artist, and capable, after preparation, of creating other things. One must belong to the creative class or death ensues. Rewards have nothing to do with it as such. Everyone must produce something of his own. You can easily see that living under different conditions, we must work each in his own way, and explanations are futile. Essential things we discover, each for himself, having the key. A numberless throng have found the way to swifter progressive life.

Swift or slow, it matters very little, so we move on an upward slant. Lucky the one who can do his work singing. It's the sun to the closed bud. It reveals the secret of life the sooner.

Bring all the joy you can into your own life, and let it shine elsewhere. Gloom is deadly. The path is upward, the sky is clear, and the sun shines. Remember, the sun shines for all of you. The clouds which lie between are of your own making. One succeeds or fails because of himself, because he has neither the strong desire, the courage, nor the joy of working in his heart. I wish I could make you see what a joy life is. The beauty of it, the swing of it, the life, the song, the colour. If you could feel it just once! The raising of your vibrations would dispel all your difficulties, as the sun the fog. You cower before a shadow, the shadow of your own doubt. Get more vibrant with life, and you will sweep everything before you. People will be glad to give you all you want, or need. There is nothing so hypnotic as joy. Get and give all you can. That is our last word for some time. What good is it to you? Try to live out some of the things we suggest and then we may speak again. We greet you and give you God speed.

Helen and Harry