Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Eternal Brotherhood of Life

When we criticise a relative or friend we injure not only ourselves but the whole fabric of life. A selfish or ill-natured thought lowers the rate of vibration of the entire universe, even affecting climate. If people were all unselfish and full of love and real helpfulness there would never be a storm at sea or a railroad wreck. It is the jarring of the rhythmic vibrations all along the line which makes for disaster anywhere. Lightning strikes because someone, somewhere, has violated the law, has had anarchy in his heart. The marvel of this great system is that it takes every atom in it to bring the perfect whole. One atom in rebellion makes for discord all along the line, from earthquake to revolution. Did you ever notice how much more conflict there is in earthquake countries? Did you ever put two and two together? What we can see is that wherever men are inharmonious, earth and climate feel the lack of rhythm, and register the same. All each can do is just to study his own heart and life and see that never for a moment is he in any state but that of love and sympathy toward the rest of the race, as well as toward all other forms of life; from a horse to a rock; from a sky born star to a tadpole; from a president to a murderer. We are all children of life, linked together close as brain cells. We rise and fall together. No one can rise or fall alone. Never forget that. We belong to the eternal brotherhood of Life. Call it God or Father if it suits you better. Life covers it. There is nothing dead anywhere. The higher one can see, the more humble one grows. Vanity vanishes as the darkness before light when a little knowledge enters.

Harry (Spirit)