Sunday, 10 August 2014

Singing Souls

Do you wish me to tell you about old Kate? She is as white as any of us here. No, most beautiful, with a shining body and hair. She is one of us here who is helping you there. Yes: negroes don't exist here. Why? Because souls are either good or bad, and good means always bright or white. Black G's soul is wonderful. He doesn't seem to have any dark spots at all. He serves singing. By that we know the elect, or chosen ones, who rise at once to the bright country; those whose service is given with a glad heart. It's the mark of nobility here to be one of the singing souls. Dark souls indicate selfishness, greed, and crime. Crime means here self-destruction by disregarding others entirely. That makes one blacker than murder. Murder may be done through an instant's insanity, but selfishness eats deeply and steadily at the root of life itself. It can wither a beautiful body like fire, and darken and distort till the soul looks almost inhuman or unhuman. Negroes have frequently far brighter bodies here than those they served there. Never forget this, and watch the secret creeping growth of selfishness as if it were a smouldering fire, eating into the home, by stealth, while you make merry. Selfishness and greed are the only real destructive things I have seen here. Goodnight.