Thursday, 14 August 2014

Rule of the Spirit

Yes, Sister, we are here. Harry is always with me, as a matter of course. You need have no fear of his being away at any time. It has been in our minds to ask you to let us work out one of our questions of personality, and its force or power over different people, through either you or Tee as mediums of transmission. We have been able, so far, to get over several ideas to each of you. Now suppose we try to work out our theory of personal power, or the omnipotence of the creative element of love. Let either of you put all your surplus energy into a desire, say, for a larger field of work. As it happens, your work lies at present along parallel lines, so what either desires means better conditions for both. Put your combined forces therefore into the same channel. Both desire a winter of broader use and fullness, with a higher position for Tee, and a broader acquaintance for you. Back of personal desire must lie altruistic motive in order to attract and hold the helpers here. Let your hearts fill with love and sympathy for your fellows; expect help from us; then ask for a larger place to work. The details as to how and where will be our business. We are unhampered by physical limitations, and can find what we seek for better than you. The push which brings you into the bigger stream of life will be the elemental or fundamental desire to help. Trust us for details, and don't waste energy in worry or disintegrating emotions of any sort. Keep as happy as possible. Let the spirit of tolerance and charity tinge every thought you entertain toward anyone. This is absolutely essential to any successful help from us. We cannot work where vibrations are discordant.

The Master says if Tee will habituate himself to working by day he can master his parts quicker. Night work is bad because of the drain to which a preoccupied mind is open from vampire souls who are strongest at night. In sleep we are with him, but we cannot help him when he studies at night instead of sleeping. Repair work should be done at night by his body plus our force, but conditions are not good during daylight for repair, as life is active and we are going against the current. Hughey says to try sleeping at night for two weeks, and see if it will not improve his work. He can study out of doors if he likes by day, and he will discover that his memory will improve under the altered conditions. Let him take the car and go out early and sit by some stream and study an hour or two alone. His brother will be beside him. Let him try it for two weeks, as a test of what day work and night sleep will do, and let him watch both his bodily and mental vigour. Au revoir,

Helen, Harry and always Hughey too, we three.

You were right about special direction as to work. It is a plan in process of construction. You are particularly responsive to the ideas we discuss. Harry laughs over it, saying: Watch Sister catch that. It is this response which makes you appear to originate ideas. This is a blow, Sister, but never mind. It is fine to be a true transmitter. All ideas come from above. They have to filter some distance before even we get them. Oh, we do not mean that every detail of your life is filtered down to you. It is only the big ideas. Any of us can crystallise a detail from the main mass. Only, as Harry says, by the time you get it most of the combinations have been worked. Harry's sense of humour is always alive and busy.

Yes, Sister, it is I, Helen. We are so glad John is safe from the illness he was drifting toward. Don't get discouraged about being nervous. We have been getting so much vitality from you for both the others that you are a bit short yourself. You will be balanced again soon. We will help you. You see we can fill your vital tank, as it were, so easily. We get a bit careless sometimes, and let your reserve fall too low. When you began sneezing yesterday we saw it and made provisions for you. When any of you get cold and shiver, the vital force has gone below the point where it is safe. Never mind, it is not a bad interruption. What I want to say is that you must get away early and alone with Tee tonight. You need the rest and quiet to get your equilibrium. You will be rested tomorrow.

We think you had better not take anymore long drives in a party. Go alone, you three. You and John need more space to rest in. It would have been better all around had you gone alone Sunday. Never take so many so far again. They are like vampires when they get tired, and the most sensitive get drawn on to supply the lack. The car might carry four if the fourth were quiet and congenial, but never five, for over an hour's trip. After about an hour they will begin to vampirise you. Remember, in Harry's last drive how tired Marie was? Harry used all her vitality, and took so much of it he lasted hours longer than he could otherwise have done. Of course, this absorption of another's vital force or magnetism is unconscious, and so none can be blamed for being the vampire. We tell you as a warning. Don't let anyone go with you abroad, either, no matter how much they may want to go. Only you three are in our plan. It is all we can work for this time.


Sister, why will you allow that? (Before communication was thoroughly established between Sister and Helen a meaningless jumble of words from some outside influence was crowded in). We told you yesterday we would not write again, but we knew you were too weak to resist these people who have been trying so long to get closer to you as a good way to vitalise themselves. Harry wouldn't leave you till we had made our warning stronger. Tee is also being experimented with from this side. Tell him, for all our sakes, to put a watch on his own soul when asleep. His will can protect him if he sets his mind to pray, as a small child for safety while asleep. He was taken to see the lower souls whose desires have misshapen their spiritual bodies. Such visits weaken him. He must not allow them. Let him call on Hughey when he is in trouble, or let the love of his own heart blaze up and shield him. His enemy was one of the advocates of greed, hate, and power of a low order. In all spiritual encounters Love is the conquering weapon—Love and Pity.

We would have told you all about our work yesterday, only you were all in, as Harry says, and we stopped earlier than we had expected. We have been doing constructive work for the raising of colour and sounds into shapes similar to buildings, bridges, and tunnels; a sort of combination architecture and engineering work. Every material expression in life is the visible form of some mental quality or attribute. Bridges represent the extending of a helping hand to a fellow in need. Tunnels burrow deep through some problem of life, seemingly insurmountable. It is one way out or through a difficulty. There is always a way to arrive over, under, or through. One just must arrive. One with spiritual material can master and transmute ideas or things into many expressed forms.

The will is back of all effort. Then we take our closer medium of expression and push through that to other forms or construction. You see one can change the medium of expression (as that horrid soul did his form) without at all weakening what is behind it. Form, or the apparently solid thing, is actually fluidic, transient. Mind, Spirit, Idea, Motive, is the true substance. Circumstance never really hampers anyone. As we have explained repeatedly, it is the indestructible thing behind it. Call it God, Will, Mind, Personality, what you please. Spirit is as good a term as we need. To be able to project one's spirit into a given channel for a definite purpose, and hold it there against the opposing current until it fulfils its purpose—this is to cultivate power as belongs to the infinite; to feel steadily, to be, and do, one thing, then turn and do one other thing with the same steadfastness and concentration. You can begin this practice, carefully making plans, then focusing your will and thought upon them till they materialise before you. Harry says the trick has been turned by all masters of finance. They simply knew what they wanted, and bent iron wills to that one end.

Any quality grows by what it feeds upon. Power upon power, greed upon greed, until one gets into the higher law, when one gains by giving up. One grows strong by yielding. One conquers by love, never by hate. This is the thing we call the law. Whenever we refer to law we mean the rule of the spirit, or the life-giving, dominating quality called love in all its phases.

If Tee in his struggles last night had simply stood still and turned on his tormentors the full force of his power of love, there would have been a revelation he might live years before realising. Let him think and feel more about this truth, about what Hughey has demonstrated, and the thing Hughey showed him.

Our work goes deeper and ever deeper into its marvellous power. As we work we grow, and, growing, wish for you and that you could learn this principle before you come here. Not for your own sake, because you could learn it here as we did, but for what that knowledge would do for others there; people we cannot reach except indirectly. Personal contact means so much to the undeveloped soul, still groping hopelessly for some solid footing for the will to stand upon; some sure feeling as a starting point from which to fight the hidden enemies. Personal contact is a great thing.

Tee must live and develop for the sake of his weaker associates in the theatre. They need what he is able to give. He should give more to all in and about the place where he works. Let him take personal interest in all at the theatres, and say the right word to help. Let them see that he cares whether they go up or down. Let him be more of a—yes, Sister, write what is in your head—buttinsky. That's it. Let him take an interest and talk more. Remember, we are none of us here for ourselves, but for the sake of every human being whose life touches ours. Everyone of them is a part of our business here. We leave none without some mark upon them of our making, for better or for worse. We pass this way but once. This is our great opportunity. Look to it that we all do our very best every day, to each and every human heart our spirit touches. Let us leave a trail of blessing in our wake. Selfishness isn't always aggressive. Sometimes it is most active when we shut ourselves away, when we think we are minding our own business best. It is then we are idlest, most selfish. People are our business. Better be a spendthrift than a miser, any day. Give to all who need the little word of warning or encouragement. Love is in the open with a glad heart, and the sun will shine on you as well as on those you try to help.

We feel it is time to go now. Sister. Don't try to write. If you find you need help we will come, but not unless it is necessary. You must leave off long enough to let those other people who use you to stop trying. We have really given you all you need. Be content. Protect yourself from invasion, and blessings will follow you. Our love is always about you.

Helen, Harry, and the Master