Monday, 11 August 2014

Personal Beauty of Form in Spirit Lands

We are writing, Sister, Helen and Harry too. R. wishes to know, naturally, about her mother and other relatives. We have seen all those she knows, including S. He comes first on our list, as he is nearest her plane. He is—well, very small, a very young child, even younger and less developed than his own boy Georgie, who is a beautiful soul, tall and fair. The boy is close to his mother, and will be first to meet her when she comes over here. S. is just one of the young, undeveloped souls; weak, not vicious. For him there is a lot of hope. George looks more like his mother than any of her other children, and he has a sweetness and courage she will be very glad of when she sees him. After George comes an aunt. She is not so high up as her mother, but she too is fine and loving, and interested in R. We have been to her home as well as to her mother's, Grandma B. We find it queer to call the grandmothers Grandma, as they look and are so young and full of life and youth. We call them by their real names. Yes, we have different names here, names which fit us, which tell what we are. Grandma B, is—queer, but I cannot write the name. Sister.

It cannot be spoken in one of our new words. I had forgotten that you did not know them. I can say that her name means Light. We grow into our names, as we grow into our bodies. We build them, and as we grow in grace of nature and heart we change our bodies to correspond, and become more beautiful or ugly, as we develop or retrograde. Personal beauty of form and colour we attain. We earn our good looks, we do indeed.

The members of this band are fair and tall and straight. Some have dark eyes, some blue, but all have light hair. Hair denotes the status of the soul quicker than even the eyes, because of the nimbus about the head, and dark hair makes no nimbus. We range from reddish gold to almost pure white hair, depending on character, red being an indication of great vitality rather than of spirituality, which is white or pale yellow. Martha's skin is very light, but her eyes are dark and deep, like lakes which reflect the sky and stars at night. Hers is one of the most beautiful faces we have seen. She is so unselfish! Her heart is full of the balm which heals hurt souls; hence her work takes her into lower planes than we dare go to. She works among those whom we call the saints over here. They are so strong themselves that they can go into darkest hells and come out victorious, because in them lurks no taint of either vanity or selfishness. We all aspire to be in such bands of workers. Martha waits for R. with keenest interest and love. She will be with Georgie when R. comes over here.

Now, about your two dearest friends. Sister. Edith is here now, beside you. Edith is one of your best guides here. She is as devoted to you now as she was when she was with you. She is a healer, as you may have guessed, because of her tastes. Julia is among us artists. She is also devoted to you, as is Captain M. Sister, you have a splendid band of friends near you; that is why you never have accidents, as they protect you. Captain M. is so beautiful you will be glad when you can see his real body. F. H. has often been near you, too. He was so glad when he saw you with C. She is his great care, and for her he works very hard. He wishes her kept there as long as possible, as he feels she must stay with her boy. F. H. sees how we feel about his religious belief, yet he is fair, and full of fine gifts and service.

Yes, Sister, I know it is tiresome to write so much, but we cannot come again for some time. Tell R. the boy she speaks of is here, and works for his father faithfully along helpful lines. He is beautiful.

Did you not notice how John escaped scarlet fever? Edith did that all alone. You need not worry about him. He has friends here better than any of your doctors there.

Tell brother Tee we are trying to get him the right sort of work. Don't leave Papa, Sister. We cannot tell exactly when he is coming, but it will not be long, so sit tight, as Harry says. You will not regret it.


Harry begins —

Sister, I am so much happier than before I cleaned house.

Helen resumes —

Sister, I am here now. Some one else tried to write. Stop now.