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Made With Love — Words of Spiritual Wisdom

God, teach us, we pray of Thee, to learn how to love and respect Your gracious self as we should. Teach us to cast aside all narrow thought of our neighbours and friends. Teach us, we pray, to deal lightly with our enemies, that comfort may come to us through the purification of our thought of another. Even should they sin deeply against us, let our motto ever be the perfect word Forgiveness. Let us try our utmost to enter into the joy of others without the sting of jealousy entering into our heart; that wonderful organ which brings forth the life blood of all breathing creatures — the core of the mortal body, as the Soul is the core of our Eternal structure. Faith, Hope, and Charity are ever a great Trinity. All go to make up the great and glorious existence of every Plane. So, dear Father and Friend, knowing this as we do through Your kind and loving teaching, we ask Your blessing and mercy, with the hope that our Faith and Charity unto others may become as Godly as Thine own. Amen!

Underwater view of a woman, wearing a long gown, floating in water
Photograph by Toni Frissell at Weeki Wachee spring, Florida, USA, 1947

Let the maxims we assemble for you become as stars in a crown; that they may gather brightness unto you with the coming night.

Fashion model underwater in dolphin tank, Marineland, Florida
Toni Frissell Collection (Library of Congress)

Aspire to godliness by truthful living. It is the only way to succeed. 

God welcomes all that which is good and true in His home, therefore strive for purity that you may be a welcome guest. 

Thinking sincerely means to the mind what deep breathing means to the lungs. 

Kind and loving thought should affect the heart as April showers affect the budding plants. 

Try to bear all burdens which are placed upon you, with a smiling face, for God knows just how much your back will bear, also what your share is to be. He has a reason — remember! 

Life is a strange thing to many, insomuch as they can't see it all at once, as they would wish to. It will become clearer when they learn patience. 

There are clear, bubbling springs within the bowels of the earth. Hunt for them within your heart, for they are there. 

Thinking of a beautiful Future Life will always bring happy results to a weary mind. Try it. 

Tears shed in sympathy for another always bring relief to one's own heart. 

The cloak of Charity is a garment which fits many forms. See to it that it covers Truth, not Hypocrisy. 

Fashion model (identified as Lisa Fonssagrives with English bobby on a railway station platform. Photograph by Toni Frissell (one of the most celebrated female photographers of the 20th Century), published by Harper's Bazaar in 1951. Part of a collection gifted to the Library of Congress by Frissell

German actress Lilli Palmer (1914-1986), with husband Rex Harrison (1908-1990) in the background, photographed by Toni Frissell (1907-1988) in 1950

A simple, truthful heart is in a direct line of vision with God. To be simple does not necessarily mean to be foolish or ignorant. One cannot be truly great mentally without being simple. Study the thought. 

To love in the true sense of the word is to welcome God into your heart. Open the door that He may not be kept standing on the outer side. 

Think often of your neighbour in a generous, kindly way. He may not respond, but God will, and bless you for the kindly thought to a fellow-creature. 

Jealous and avaricious thought is foreign to God's teaching. Weed it out and give that space to Truth and Sincerity. 

When the heart has true Christian spirit within, it will be easy to extend the helping hand to all who may have need of it. 

Pray sincerely and with love in your heart if you would be heard by the Heavenly Father. His hearing is ever keen for truthful thought and speech. 

Truth and Justice are two of the great factors of life. Don't cheat either of them out of a place in your heart. 

A bargain with an honest man is easy. A bargain with a dishonest man always proves difficult to settle. Which are you? 

If you make a promise, keep it; for a broken promise, however slight, puts the gall of distrust into the heart of the offended. 

If you go through life trying to do as you would be done by, you may be done by others; but the reward from above will come in time, great enough to repair all damage done to you. 

Liza, Liz and Mike Todd. Photograph by Toni Frissell, signed and dated 1957. Mike Todd went on to marry actress Elizabeth Taylor, with whom he had a tempestuous relationship. The couple exchanged vows 2 February 1957. The couple had a daughter, Elizabeth Frances (Liza) Todd, who was born 7 August of that year. On 22 March 1958, Todd's private plane, Lucky Liz, crashed near Grants, New Mexico. The plane, a Lockheed Lodestar, was downed by engine failure while being operated grossly overweight at the limit of its altitude capability, and the crash killed all four on board

Elizabeth Taylor bottle-feeding newborn Liza Todd with her sons Christopher and Michael H. Wilding, and her husband Michael Todd observing. 
Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Toni Frissell Collection

A thoughtful silence several times each day, if only for a few moments, will bring you nearer to your Maker, therefore rest to the tired mind. Try it once at least. 

To all those who would succeed thought must be expended in sincerity; otherwise success is valueless, for there has been something lacking. 

When you think, don’t be afraid to use your entire mind. It was given you for a thinking purpose. 

Whenever you have cause to complain of your neighbour, figure in your own mind how much cause he has to complain of you. It will simplify matters greatly. 

How to be true! How to be honest! Two great questions of the day and age. The answer is simple — Pray sincerely for help from God. He will teach you how to be both honest and true if you will give Him full trust. 

If you are dishonest and try to cover yourself in non-permanent colours, you will as surely be discovered as would a poor cake when the beautiful frosting is cut away, leaving deception exposed to view. Be careful of the ingredients you use to make up your daily life. 

To keep your mind clean as well as your body, you must bathe it in refreshing thought. Inspect yourself, do you need a mental house-cleaning? 

We all hope for the best so let us all live for the best that is in us; then it will be a pleasure to be among the multitudes we are obliged to meet through life. 

Think of others as kindly as you do of yourself and there will be no doubt that you will recognise Charity whenever you meet her. 

May the God above bless you all, and may you in return thank Him for the many gifts which you have accepted of Him. 

Fashion model posing in an evening gown on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial, Washington, District of Columbia, with Tidal Basin and Washington Monument in the background
Toni Frissell collection at the U.S. Library of Congress

Fashion model in gown on lawn at Tryall (misspelled as Tyrall) Plantation, Jamaica. Photograph by Toni Frissell, published in Harper's Bazaar, October 1948
Toni Frissell collection at the U.S. Library of Congress

Let all kindly thought flow through you in a tranquil manner. Abrupt thought has a tendency to jar, in place of sooth.

As before said, God blesses all kindly thought — therefore let yourself be blessed often if you would feel continual peace of mind.

The untroubled surface of water is more soothing to gaze upon than a roughened and disturbed surface. Isn’t it true likewise that a tranquil face, reflecting kindly thought, is infinitely more pleasing to gaze upon, than a troubled or angry one?

Mental and physical beauty together make a wonderful combination. If you aren’t blessed with a perfect body and beautiful face, cultivate your mind to such an extent that all who gaze upon you will forget the imperfection in admiration for the Soul which shines forth from you.

Thinking of oneself as a helpful factor to mankind makes a man truly great — if he lives up to his thought.

Higher thought always has an uplifting influence on the human mind.

Let those who would advance mentally take heed of the class of thought they think, and the quality of the mind will develop accordingly.

All thought, if sincere, is of benefit; that is, all pure thought, for in truth the evil thought can never be sincere. It may predominate for a time, but it will cower before the Truth.

The greatest and the simplest thought is sublime; for a thought of such extremes can only mean God.

Back view of fashion models in swim suits, two kneeling wearing swim fins, and one seated. Photograph published in Harper's Bazaar, January 1950
Fashion model Dovima wearing bikini, lying on platform near water, Montego Bay, Jamaica
Toni Frissell Collection (Library of Congress)
Fashion model Dovima in Montego Bay on edge of boat, man rowing, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Published in Harper's Bazaar, November 1946

Fly the Banner of Truth before the multitude that all may see and learn to love the words thereon: 

Trust in God for He is the entire Truth, ever and always. 

Living according to God's commandments is a great achievement. The stronger the faith the easier the achievement. Try it. 

Everyone has the privilege to think freely, though he may not always be given the privilege to speak as freely; therefore condense and speak to the point, not around it. 

The weary wanderer seeks for rest. The restless mind seeks to wander. Wouldn't they make  a good combination if properly balanced? 

Some love to use long words of hidden meaning to impress the timid, but remember the greatest thinkers and writers have always chosen language with reference to its simplicity and comprehensiveness. 

Don't try to outdo your neighbour in all that he does, for he may be trying the same thing at the same time as you. Why not move in the same direction? You would each proceed faster and with more friendly feeling toward one another. 

The help which you receive from above is free and beautiful. Therefore pray sincerely that you may receive it in time of need. 

Beautiful thoughts which wing Heavenward are always ladened with eternal sweetness, for the glory of Purity shines upon them. 

To love sincerely and truly for all time and under all circumstances one must be utterly unselfish; for as beautiful as Love is, it nevertheless demands much sacrifice at times. 

A joyous nature is a thing for which to thank God most sincerely. 

Fashion model with llamas, Cusco, Peru, fashion photography published in Harper's Bazaar, January 1952

Would that all might see and realise the good which they may accomplish by a few kindly spoken words.

Fortitude, Endurance, Courage, three of the primary colours of life. Fortitude brings Strength; Endurance brings Patience; and Courage develops Truth. The great Trinity is ever present, you see.

In all walks of life one may find both beautiful and unbeautiful things to attract the gaze. Try hard to keep your gaze to the beautiful side of life. It will repay you for the effort you may make.

If all who walk through Life's journey were as possessed to do the right thing as many are to do wrong, this world would be a heavenly place.

Continued thoughts of kindness will rob the face of all sorts of disagreeable and telltale lines which imperfect thoughts cause. Think of the good you all might do if you would make that thought an accomplishment.

Your mind was given you for the purpose of progression. Don’t be a backslider.

Isn’t it true that all things need a rudder or guide? As such is the case, shouldn’t you be very careful of your steering gear?

All those who would succeed must use their minds in a normal, healthy way. Feverish thought is always a handicap to clear thinking.

To be true and constant to those whom you don’t love, as well as to them you do, takes courage, but the result is quite a perfect thing to admire.

What is told you in confidence should remain such. How many cells of your mind contain complete confidence of your friends? How many have been robbed by a careless tongue? 

Jacqueline Kennedy throwing the bouquet at her first wedding
Toni Frissell Collection (Library of Congress)

How the wind howls and blows when a great storm is abroad. How smooth and calm the sea when the storm is over. So it is with you, dear friend, as soon as you find true spiritual help.

Gather unto yourself all the unselfish joys of life that you can hold. God's blessing attends them, as they were made for one and all.

Don’t think evil of any being. If your eye beholds it, turn aside until you have courage to help, forgive or gather courage to avoid doing likewise.

To all who would hold life as dear as God would have them do, let them remember that His word is the Truth and He says that life is everlasting; therefore make it a continual beauty, filled with harmony of thought.

To those who look forward with eagerness to some pleasurable event, there comes an extra heart throb. Let that throb be filled with pure joy that it may permeate your entire being with clean thought.

Always think of some way to better you in God's eyes and don't be so anxious to look beautiful to them who have no power of observation for the beautiful.

Everything in nature strives to grow upward to the Light; why do so many human beings strive to bend and turn from it? Shouldn't all make the attempt to be as intelligent as the trees and the flowers?

To them that has, shall be given the old adage of Bible times. It means clearness of mental vision will come to those who have faith in God. The more beautiful the trust, the more beautiful the thought will be which comes to you.

All who welcome God into their hearts are fitting themselves for a glorious Future Life.

One and all are welcome to God's home, if they come unto Him with Truth in their hearts, for He asks nothing more than that.

Woman wearing tennis outfit, seated on wall, with one leg on top of wall, looking at the mountains behind her. Photograph by Toni Frissell, published in Harpers Bazaar, February 1947

Each day think that you will try your best to improve in some way. However small it may appear — the effort will bring results of a gratifying nature to your mind.

When one is sincerely truthful, he naturally becomes prayerful; that is because the natural desire is thoughtful and more or less religious in some form. It is only the warped and insincere nature which shuns prayer; for knowing that prayer must be truthful, it shuns the thought of facing the imperfectness of its own self. Whereas the imperfection and shadow would soon vanish if sincere prayer was indulged in more frequently.

A prayer is any sincere and truthful combination of words offered with kind intent, either for oneself or another. A request which God dearly loves to favour.

As seeds must be sown in the ground to bring forth a harvest of grain, so must seeds of Truth be sown within the mind, that the harvest may be one of worthiness unto the Creator, for He alone is the judge of the quality of your Soul.

To bear your burdens cheerfully, whether mental or physical, is a great accomplishment. Would that more might profit by the thought, for it is a good one.

To hear the voice of conscience one must make good use of their grey matter. Don't let it mould through disuse.

If we were kind to all living creatures as we should be, how beautiful all things would appear, for we would then know the true meaning of justice.

There are many who doubt the Truth even when it is perfectly apparent, yet who are ever ready to swallow with pleasure many a sensational falsehood.

Try to think ahead in a liberal manner, that your mind may become infused with the desire for more perfection each day.

Try each day to sow some seed of kindness, so when the spring advances you will find many sprouts growing up about you to encourage you to sow a larger crop each year.

Ruins of an Anasazi pueblo, called the White House, in Canyon de Chelly, present day Arizona. Original title: Ancient ruins in the Cañon de Chelle, N.M. [New Mexico Territory], in a niche 50 feet above present cañon bed. Part of the series Geographical explorations and surveys west of the 100th meridian, sponsored by the United States War Department, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Señora Maria Vial de Prieto petting gaucho's horse Prique, in a wheat field in Chile. Note: Although this photo's Library of Congress record says it is a gaucho, it is actually a huaso -- the term gaucho is not used in Chile

Fortunate for us all that there are some staunch and trusty friends to be found for each Soul, otherwise we would wander about wasting precious time, for the Soul needs and must have the sustaining influence of friendship in all its loving kindness.

If all creation of Earth, sea, and air could be convinced that Truth is God, and God the Protector of all that has been created since the beginning of time, would some still continue to think themselves infallible?

It would seem that the thought of God as the Supreme Being should bring peace to everyone, that they have such a perfect Leader to follow.

The unusual is often gazed upon with the utmost curiosity. Try to develop that same curiosity along lines of instructive thinking; it will add greatness of thought in your daily life.

Prepare yourself to meet your Maker in a sane, healthy frame of mind, by living your life in truth and helpfulness to others.

There is nothing in Heaven or upon earth which makes a man so great as truthful and simple living, so that he may have time to cultivate the thought of his God.

When you read a maxim which you really feel may be of benefit to you, try to learn it by heart that it may be continually by you to help in time of need.

To all those so pressed for time that they are in a constant rush, let them remember that a bit of quiet thought each day will quiet the nerves and release the congested condition of their minds.

All those who favour right living, let them raise the right hand. All who favour wrongdoing let them raise the left — if they dare. Who is able to count the result?

Our thoughts are numbered by the multitude. Are the majority worthy to be made public? Our acts are many also. Do they do credit to our Maker? 

First-graders, some of Japanese ancestry, at the Weill public school, San Francisco, Calif., pledging allegiance to the United States flag
U.S. War Relocation Authority, Library of Congress

Female internees practicing calisthenics at Manzanar War Relocation Centre, Owens Valley, California. In 1943, Ansel Adams followed an invitation by newly appointed camp director Ralph Merritt to photograph the everyday life of the Japanese American internees in the camp. Unlike his colleague Dorothea Lange, whose pictures for the War Relocation Authority focused on the hardship and humiliation of the deportation and internment, Adams's intent was to show how these people, suffering under a great injustice, (…) had overcome the sense of defeat and despair by building for themselves a vital community in an arid (but magnificent) environment (Ansel Adams, 1965)

Try to believe that it is as easy to do right as wrong. Perhaps the thought may help to keep you from slipping down the Hill of Imperfection. 

Every kind thought strengthens you mentally. Try to bear that in mind. 

When success comes in quantity, try hard to realise that it means God has favoured you and you should accept it with modesty.

Many dumb animals may be numbered among our best and truest friends. Let us treat them as such. 

A faithful dog is a wonderful creature. He seems to know and feel the meaning of the kindly heart as we wish many humans might. 

Behold! the dawn arrives. Let it bring with it a hope that today may prove you true in all your work, so that when the night descends again, you can say that you have been faithful to your trust. 

If we could only learn to appreciate the beauties about us as we should, we would be a great deal happier than we are. 

Still the world goes around and around, and time goes on and on. Are you killing time, or are you trying to make it beautiful and instructive? 

When the flowers bloom, we think how lovely summer is. When they fade, let us have lived our lives so that we may be able to say: How lovely was summer. 

Weave about yourself the Armour of Strength. It is made of all truthful material, costs but little, but is worth more than its weight in gold and precious stones. 

Girl and volley ball, Manzanar Relocation Center, California
Ansel Adams
Utuado, Puerto Rico. Children in the slum area
Delano, Jack, photographer

Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information Photograph Collection (Library of Congress)

To think a kindly thought, to do a noble deed, one must have Faith and Courage for the foundation. 

When you think of the dawn of day as beautiful, think how much more beautiful the dawn of Eternal Day will be, made so by our own efforts. Such a thought should inspire all to do their earthly best. How great is God — how small is man. Knowing this, should anyone dare take His name in vain? 

Any labour, however menial, is worthy of admiration if done well and with truthful thought attending it. 

Have you ever stopped to consider what a wonderful thing language is? What a range of expression it allows us! Shouldn't we endeavour to combine the words in as lovely manner as possible, casting aside those words which can't be of benefit to anyone? 

One more lesson today, which is this, To behold the Eternal Light one must be truthful in all things. You are all at liberty to make the effort. The result is the most wonderful thing possible to gain. You can prove the Truth of these words, if you wish, by clean living. 

Think often of the good you may do, if you wish, in many ways, and make the thought an act. 

Thinking deeply upon subjects of worth will clear away mental cobwebs as no other thing possibly can, for deep thought penetrates every corner of the mind. 

When you think that you have arrived at your destination, wherever or whatever it may be, glance behind to see what good and kindly acts you have accomplished along the way. 

Trying to be humble before Goodness and Justice is simple proof that you are willing to learn many things which you ought to know. 

When you think that others are unjust, be very careful that you don't develop the same fault within yourself. 

Mori Nakashima, full-length portrait, standing, facing front, scattering chicken feed from a pail in front of a chicken coop.
Ansel Easton Adams

If you wish to succeed in your work, you mustn't count the minutes as hours, nor the hours as minutes, just keep pegging away to win. 

Deal gently with all. Harshness is no part of God's teaching. If you would think of that fact more often you would improve your disposition. 

Whenever you are tired of what you are doing, why not rest a moment and think a few pleasant thoughts of a restful nature? Some happy day, for instance, when you went fishing and caught all that you wanted. Surely a thought of that kind should cheer you up. 

If you are ill, think of someone whom you may know that perhaps is blind, deaf, or maimed for life, and be thankful to God that you are only one of the four. 

Each and everyone of us should have some mission to perform. If you don't recognise yours, let someone of kindly intent help you to find it. 

Give and you shall be blessed by God, for He gives freely at all times and makes no mention of it. 

Always think of yourself as a power to do good — not evil — and you will be given strength to live up to the thought, and act upon it. 

Honesty of purpose is always to be admired in man, woman and child. So remember and live up to that purpose. 

The dew of evening is always refreshing to the flowers; so the refreshing dew which falls upon the mind from Heaven should freshen and revive it after a troubled day. 

If you love another truly and sincerely, you needs must love your God, for you cannot love one without loving the other. 

Medieval street in Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal. Negative may have been cut in half prior to printing; photograph arrived at Library of Congress in two pieces. Undated photograph likely taken 1946 when author was on assignment in Portugal
Toni Frissell