Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Know God

Helen is here now, and Harry will be here later. He has asked me to write first this time, as he has important work on hand.

When you were so busy at home yesterday, we were making up our next year's outline, looking ahead to see in what direction it would be best for you to travel. The future stretches out ahead of you in a sort of picture. Yet, unlike the past, it is capable of slight alterations by us, and could be entirely changed by you were you to set your will power against it.

You see, life is like a game of chess. With some types you can know in advance just what sort of moves they will make under given conditions, and what conditions they will create under certain combinations of emotions or feeling. We can, for instance, tell in advance with absolute certainty what some people will do if confronted with poverty or loss of any sort. A fine, strong nature, with a closely knit will, never fails to rise and put forth greater effort than before; while a weak, selfish nature whines and then looks for an easy berth, a pleasant way out. To these latter, physical ease and freedom from responsibility are always sought, and excuses given for accepting them when even personal honour is sacrificed.

No strong soul ever yields to dishonour, no matter what the pressure from without. Only a weakling prefers physical ease to death when such an issue presents itself. Will is free, always. But only the strong make destiny or the path carved out of life by will—will and desire.

There is no future we can read in advance for a strong soul, because at any moment he may alter the course of his life and create a different environment. We cannot see the inner flash of conviction which directs one soul this way, and another that.

When anyone becomes aware of the fact that he is in a school, with tasks before him which must be mastered, he then gravitates toward the environment where this or that lesson can be best learned. There is a centre in each, which if perceived, will be a sure guide to one's best development. Like a magnet it will draw to one all the requisite tools or conditions for the performance of one's necessary work. It is in very truth the voice of God, and it comes only from within. We must listen to that inner voice. It is there, if we only knew, or had faith to believe.

Look at the history of all so-called Holy ones. Contemplation, silence, prayer, retirement, were large factors in the life of each. Why? They were waiting in the silence for the voice of God to speak from their own centre.

We prattle a lot of God, but how many realise for a moment that it is the personal presence of God at the centre of each which enables him to exist?

God is Life. God is the Creator, and he creates constantly, continuously, throughout the universe. That is the secret of life. God is behind and through everything, from a rock to a man, planet, or sun. All have life. All vibrate. All move. Law is the will of God. It is the fundamental impulse of living, the push from within.

Force is the greater unit of life. Or, putting it another way, a forceful man is one who has gathered gradually to his centre more of God, more of creative power. As any soul opens his mind to truth, more light flows into him, through him. God is within each, but not all of God, only a fragment. The plan is to add to this fragment from without until it becomes greater and greater. By looking within we become aware of the nature of God or Life. Then we may recognise him when we see him without.

When one Knows God he has the key to all wisdom, for thereafter he gathers only true knowledge, and encumbers his soul with nothing valueless.

Knowledge is power. Why? Because one is then carrying no weights whatever, but is free to advance and to serve. One is like a splendid athlete stripped for battle or contest; every ounce counts. There is no waste anywhere, no drag or impediment. One can then carve his own fortune, direct his own destiny. He is then Free.

When one has this power, one can master circumstances as easily as a man wades a brook. Jesus had the power to conquer an earthly kingdom, but with that power came the wisdom to see how paltry and childish such ambitions are. The possession of dead riches is unworthy the desire of an adult human soul. The living treasure of the hearts of men was the kingdom Jesus sought; the kingdom of Heaven within each human heart.

Locked within each living thing lies the treasure, God. Jesus tried to open these inner doors and disclose to each soul its eternal riches. Love only can penetrate into the inner recesses of any soul; love, patient and hopeful. The doors may be thick, but no matter how far below the surface of a man the light is buried, it is surely there, waiting discovery, liberation. If it were not there, life, even of body, would be extinct. While there is life there is hope, is only too true; hope that today someone may love enough to open that heart and free the imprisoned glory.

When we criticise or condemn, we are thickening the wall between that person's God and the light without. When we insist upon his goodness, his better nature, we are removing some of the entombing material, and helping him toward freedom and light. We must believe in everyone's best. That is one of the greatest lessons Jesus tried to teach: charity toward all. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. He knew those who persecuted him were building walls about their own hearts, darkening their own lives.

It is almost Christmas time. Let us all think of what that means, and live the Christ life more fully. Let us try during this year ahead of us to love with a deeper, truer, more intelligent love, serving all who touch our lives, by a splendid faith in their best. Let us have the humble spirit of one who knows his own limitations. No one can feel superior so long as there lies in his own mind an uncharitable thought for any other.

Give yourselves this test of faith, and see how you can emerge from it. We are all children of God. Some of us are older and wiser than others, but we belong to the same family.

Let us join hands and wish each other Godspeed.


When you gather round the table Christmas Day, remember us here, and feel that we too share in your Christmas cheer. We love to feel you count us in when you are all together.

We feel happier this year than ever before, and hope you realise what these letters mean to us.

With all the love and service we have the power to give, we wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy, useful, and prosperous New Year.

Helen and Harry

All of us join in this greeting.