Sunday, 10 August 2014

I far prefer cremation

Sister: About the cremation. I didn't feel it at all, nor did Helen, but there are those here who say it is not as comfortable a way  to come over as being buried. Why? Well, I fancy it breaks up tissue roughly, but so far as any of us are concerned, we believe it a safer way to destroy the body than to risk being attached to it too long. A lingering disease so loosens all the particles of the body that the envelope is slipped out of easily. With others, who for any reason are too closely knit together, it is painful, but at worst it is only for a few moments or seconds, and if a person has any spirit at all worthwhile it is a blessing to be so swiftly separated.

Here there are as many opinions regarding cremation as with you, both for and against, according to individual experience or preference. A slow, patient temperament dislikes it. To such it seems too much like being yanked over here, while with me I am only too glad to feel it was done. I don't hanker to tarry long away from my own. So far as I can see, it is about a stand-off, with the balance, if any, in favour of cremation, there being only discomfort in that, and no risk. What do I mean by risk? Well, when a soul and body separate too gradually the soul has to stay on a low plane, peopled with the scum of life. These often amuse themselves by torturing the soul with all sorts of ingenious tales as to their whereabouts. These low souls are frequently very clever and can fool the ignorant new arrival, and hamper his unfoldment. He knows nothing, usually, of what he is up against, and they play upon his credulity and keep him from coming higher as long as they can. Do you get me? Besides, the crematory is never a gathering place for harpies. They are better amused in graveyards, which remind me that there is a reason for so many primitive minds fearing a graveyard. It is the instinctive shrinking from contamination, for these places are filled with the worst elements here, crowded. The embalmed bodies last so long that frequently their souls are tied there, and so make sport for the vicious-minded here. It is one of our missions to go to places of that sort, and fight for the decent people there. The weak or vicious dead we cannot help, they are among their own and must suffer, so you can well see why I far prefer cremation.

Tell C. her feelings were not the counterpart of what we must suffer, but that she was the victim of obsession. She is so mediumistic that she is a prey to any trick some of us here care to play. Tell her to set her will against all demonstrations of any sort from this side, and she will grow much stronger. She has had her vitality drained for years by souls from this side. If she will take herself in hand at all points, and keep her will against all forms of mediumship she will find she has a wonderful constitution. If she had not been really very strong she would have been drained dry long ago. Those who live on her surplus vitality are members of her own family over here. They are the mean ones, of course, and they should be stopped. Helen and I have talked over plans to help her free herself, and we think we can help her if she will aid us from her side.