Monday, 11 August 2014

Give, take, work, and be glad

Sister: Here I am, Helen. I was going to come anyway today, as I have news for you. Harry has gone up with Hugh, Tee's brother, to stay all the time, so he cannot come to you again unless I come too, because when his vibrations have risen to the standard required there, he will lose his power to link himself to you without a reducer. Yes, that is why I stay on this lower plane so long, in order to be able to help you when you need me most. Harry has risen so fast he has already lost much of his power to connect with you. He wants to write Tee once more before the door closes his free speech. Of course he will serve you all there, as I do here, but he cannot talk to you or answer questions directly, as I do. 

Thanks for the flowers, they warm the heart [on the occasion of Helen's birthday]. Isn't it splendid Harry can live with the Master? It is really nothing for me to stay behind. I can be there later. Time is nothing to us here. I am always busy, always happy anywhere. I may still stay there part of the time. This birthday is to be Harry's day of entrance into the glad country of the bright sun where life and work are more intense, more selfless, so it is our double birthday. Sister, you must not write any more now.

My love to you all, as ever.


Dear Mamma: It is I, Harry. I leave today to live with the Master. I wish to say just a word, entre nous, before I go into the higher life work. See if you can get into a state of mind where it is easier to give than to keep or take. If you can learn that one thing, all else will be easy, Easier to give than to take or keep. That's all. It is a mental trait, and your mind will do what you ask of it.

Helen today gives up her opportunity to enter the higher life because if she did there would be no link between us. I have never seen a nobler sacrifice. Helen has a generosity past belief. Her love for us all is as bright as a ray of pure sunlight. We should all feel the inspiration of her loving sacrifice. You can hear of me through Helen often enough to bridge the gulf. It is only an au revoir. Mamma. We shall all be here in a little while. I know by what is in me that you will rise to your duty, and learn your individual lesson.

With the love which has no death,

Your boy, 


Helen's birthday is mine.

Later —

Sister, I am here, Harry. First it is a word to dear old Tee. I want him to know where I shall be from today on. It is with your brother, Tee, whom we call the Master. I am fortunate enough to have qualified there, and I shall try to live on his plane. I have the strength to endure, and please God, I shall hold up my end there as befits a man. You, my brother, shall be one of us when the time comes, but do not try to come until you can take your own work here, as it is too uncertain. I feel I only got in by a special effort of the Master, and more for your sake than my own. He loves you Tee, so deeply that the light of it blesses all whom you care for as well.  What we shall do, and its  method, is so far from methods, as well as means, with you, that it is fruitless to explain.

One thing I wish to impress on you is to stick close to your wife. In her animal magnetism you have a fountain of the sort of force you lack. She gives freely, without depleting her own strength, and you need her. Have no fear that it is unfair to her. It is a part of her work to supply this lack of your magnetism. You see, in your work you give more than you can generate, whereas with her, she generates more than she herself can use. It is one of the economies of nature, this balance between husband and wife. Without her supply you cannot do your best. She dislikes writing this, but it is I speaking, not she herself. I have no other line of communication open.

Stick to your present line, Tee. Stick, no matter what the barriers are. It is the road to Hughey.  Never forget that. Use every material advantage put in your way. Guard your life as a sacred thing. Watch all leaks, all waste. Express art in as many forms as you like, but do nothing which does not bear in one way or another on the main subject, dramatic expression through personality. That is it. Human experiences made to express some hope, some form of development. It will grow into the work here step by step. Keep faith with us, your two brothers; keep faith with your highest ideals. Leave all the small things in their true relative positions, and with faith in your work, faith in yourself, and faith in us here, you will do your part in the one work there. I feel this is my last talk with you directly. When my vibrations are raised to a uniform rate I shall lose the power to write through Sister, as she will then need a reducer between us. Helen, with her big, unselfish heart, gives up her fuller life here in order to keep the way open between us. Hers is one of the most generous natures I have ever seen.

One thing more before I go. Remember that Hughey and I need the dramatic art to complete the work we plan to do together. Get all you can there for the sake of our future combined effort to develop a fuller, higher art here. Each can give a different experience, equally of value to the new product. Complete your own portion there, carrying it as far as possible, not only in the technique, but in its spirit, in its ethical phase. Study the cause and effect of certain plays on different classes, and study also methods of graduated developers of brain power and moral sense. Try leading the ignorant along pleasant byways to unconscious planes of moral strength. We strong are Our brother's keeper. It is up to us to lead him out of the grey twilight of moral and mental inaction into the sunlight of intelligent moral consciousness, and self-conscious effort to better living. It is up to you, old man. It is up to us all. It is all we are here for, just to help. That is the keynote of the universal song. We give and we take help. Bury pride. Vanity has no place in our work. Use the tools presented, but keep the idea clear before you. Give, take, work, and be glad. It is a man's game. It is worth while, Tee. Adios.


Your brother, and Hughey's brother, too.