Tuesday, 12 August 2014

All life is common to all

Sister, we want to say a few words for Papa's birthday. Harry and I will be with you at the factory. Harry is so happy over the way things look there. He is going to be of the party. We both wish the family could see as well as know we are with them. Tell Papa we wish him as few more birthdays there as possible, and a glad welcome here. We can't see when he will come though we have tried hard. We can see that his body here seems quite ready, but we know very little of the laws which release the life spark. Those here who study along these lines are doctors and scientists who have done years of preparatory work on your plane.

There is such a vast field of knowledge to be gained along all lines of work that we all try to specialise. Harry and I belong to the music group. We know that ultimately the paths all converge to a common central point. We detect the gist of things even from here. This common centre must be directly the mother of all life as well as all knowledge. The delight of living lies chiefly in the working out of relationships of apparently isolated individual arts or sciences, as well as races and peoples. All are kin; rock and worm; man and angel; all made from the same primeval substance, God or force, no matter what you call it. The father of fire is the mother of water; both come from the same great mysterious beginning. You study there to love your neighbour as yourself. He is yourself, really. You have a hand and a foot, each different, yet each yourself; but neither is all of yourself. You see the drift? When a foot calls a hand an aristocrat and only an ornament, exalting feet as the true useful members, we could smile. One of you is as useful to the whole as the other, and exactly as hard to replace. Each fills his own niche. The mistake is only in the individual point of view, as all life is common to all.

Harry is at the table with you, feel that? I am now talking for him.

Sister, I was touched very deeply at the feeling of the men and all of you. It helps me at my work here to see that after all I was not a complete failure there [Harry was General Manager at the Blount Plow Works. The custom for thirty years had been to give a banquet on Mr Blount's birthday to all the employees and their families]. What we all need is just to know we haven't had the misfortune to fail utterly in the vital things. I am cut away now from active work at the factory, but see that I can influence the esprit de corps.

Yours was a fine idea to increase the beauty of the dining room at the works, as well as its comfort. Artistic influences are subtle in their effects on moods and people's feeling. White with true blue will be a good foundation. Colour has a big significance. Whenever we have time I want to tell what I have learned about colour as a factor in soul development.

Dear Mamma! Tell her I sat near her and held her hand close in mine. I am glad the flowers were at my place, but that is another story too. What we started to talk about was the absolute kinship of all that exists, things as well as people. When any of us criticise a relative or friend we injure not only ourselves but the whole fabric of life. A selfish or ill-natured thought lowers the rate of vibration of the entire universe, even affecting climate. If people were all unselfish and full of love and real helpfulness there would never be a storm at sea or a railroad wreck. It is the jarring of the rhythmic vibrations all along the line which makes for disaster anywhere. Lightning strikes because someone, somewhere, has violated the law, has had anarchy in his heart. The marvel of this great system is that it takes every atom in it to bring the perfect whole. One atom in rebellion makes for discord all along the line, from earthquake to revolution. Did you ever notice how much more conflict there is in earthquake countries? Did you ever put two and two together? What we can see is that wherever men are inharmonious, earth and climate feel the lack of rhythm, and register the same. All each can do is just to study his own heart and life and see that never for a moment is he in any state but that of love and sympathy toward the rest of the race, as well as toward all other forms of life; from a horse to a rock; from a sky born star to a tadpole; from a president to a murderer. We are all children of life, linked together close as brain cells. We rise and fall together. No one can rise or fall alone. Never forget that. We belong to the eternal brotherhood of Life. Call it God or Father if it suits you better. Life covers it. There is nothing dead anywhere. The higher one can see, the more humble one grows. Vanity vanishes as the darkness before light when a little knowledge enters.

Oh, you dear ones, don't waste time. Learn this one big truth if you can: Each for all, and all for each, because the each is the all, and the all is the each. Work for harmony, work for love, work for the united state of all life. There is no escape; no you or I, or another; just all, necessary parts of God or Life, equal because necessary. Give us the hands of a firmer, sweeter fellowship, we who are here, and you who are there, or seem there.

God bless us, every one.

Helen and Harry