Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Where Spirits Float

Brighter, brighter grows the night,
A million stars within thy sight
Form a crescent arch of milky white;
A million worlds among those stars,
A billion souls within each world;
A trillion thoughts within those souls;
All thinking how to do the right,
All striving hard with heart and might
To help each mortal when he takes the flight
From earth to higher Planes of thought,
Where all is restful, peace and joy,
And one finds gold without alloy
And all think kindness of their friends,
And try to teach and make amends
For all which in the mortal flesh did gall
And cripple spirit thought, and rend
The heart in twain with bitter tears.
All that is past and gone, to them who dwell on high,
Naught but happiness and joy untold
May fill the space where Spirits float
Amid the purity and the Light
Which sheds its glory through the sky,
Transforming all to Truth and might.

Clifford (Spirit)