Saturday, 12 April 2014

Truth is God

Another thing I would say to you all is, when you think of passing judgment upon your friends and fellow beings, deal gently with them. Look for good qualities, not the unfortunate ones, which perhaps are a source of anguish to their own hearts. You cannot always tell how they may be suffering over their own faults or how hard they may have tried to overcome them. Their Soul and their God only know the struggle which goes on in the human heart. If you feel that you are better fitted than they along spiritual lines, help, not hinder, them to get into line with you.

Consider not sex, colour or creed; all are welcome here, nothing in the life to come counts but TRUTH, spelled in very large letters. It is the beginning and ending of everything that is good. Eternity would mean a vast amount of nothingness without it, for Truth is God and without God nothing could be; there would be no foundation upon which to build. The stronger the foundation the more lasting the structure, so let each and everyone do their utmost to build their thoughts and deeds upon a foundation of Truth.

Clifford (Spirit)