Sunday, 13 April 2014

Truth in all things

Forgetfulness of self, remember, is one of the greatest of the great lessons we teach. Thoughts of helpfulness to others, unmindful of one's bodily structure insofar as it hinders kindly thought or deed.

Let the earthly home be a place of rest, peace and progression, not discord of inharmonious thought and act. If yours is such, my friend, whoever you may be reading these lines, we pray you one and all to make the effort for better and more hopeful thought.

Bathe yourself in pure life-giving water, cleanse yourself of sordid thought, gaze inward to the beauties of the Soul, so that you may realise what a wonderful gift God has bestowed upon you all. Great and small, black or white, God has been your most generous friend; try to thank Him by caring for and not neglecting the cultivation of your mind.

Good friends, we pray you this good advice to heed, For 'twill serve you well in time of need.

Clifford (Spirit)