Tuesday, 22 April 2014

To the Light

Oh, precious one, my love for thee
Is greater, yes, tenfold greater
Than of old.
I love thee for thy help to me,
I love thee for the trials of the
Body and the soul
Which come to thee, dear friend,
And grasp thee in their hold,
So strong and cruel.
Heed them not, but pray instead
That God may guide thee straight ahead
To the Light.
He is the one to guide thee from
All that is evil and of harm,
Now and always;
Let prayerful thoughts to Him arise,
Let thanks ascend with happy cries
To His listening ear.
Be cheerful, bright and happy always;
Insist that life is beautiful to the end,
And make the start ahead;
For all things great and noble, worthy of success,
Pass through the fire of doubt and trouble,
More or less;
Thus causing temper to appear, as in fine steel;
The lagging feet, nor steps which reel
Can find no place.
This means advancement to the higher thought, —
It means success to all of worthiness
Thus dearly bought:
It means Life Eternal, glorious and bright,
Where Hope and Faith both have the right
To lead thee straight
To God on high, upon His throne of Truth,
Where Justice sits beside Him, tall and white;
They smile on thee
And courage straightway comes to thee,
Ambition and desire for all good deeds of worth
To help thee onward.
And marching onward through this Land of Light,
Gaining knowledge, gaining might,
You thank thy God
For the great mercy which He hath shown
To thee and thine, from home to home
Amid the stars.
Ah, God, dear God, my cry to Thee
Ever and always will surely be:
Make me worthy
Of thy goodness and everlasting mercy;
Teach me, dear Father and faithful Friend,
How to thank and say Amen!*

Clifford (Spirit)

* Amen proclaims the highest praise to God.