Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Goal of Life

The Goal of Life — What does it mean — do you know? How many really know the true meaning of the words and live up to them, or even try to do so? Let all think, think and think, then try their utmost to follow such an exquisite example, for the Goal of Life means Heaven's highest honour bestowed upon a Soul — acceptance into the complete home where all is love and happiness forevermore. Where tears of sorrow have never entered; where all is of the kindliest that is known upon either heaven or earth.

How, then, with such a goal ahead may mortal man despair, either of his present needs or the needs beyond the grave, for is this not all that could be wished for? Again we say, Amen to the Highest of the High and offer thanks from all to Him, our Father and our King.

Clifford (Spirit)