Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The effect of spirit growth

As the lily comes from lake mud, so Clifford describes the essence of purification as a spirit expands and grows:

The purest lily comes from blackest earth. So is it possible for mortal to cast aside the husk of imperfect thought (sin, in other words), and purify themselves in the first great Plane, with the constant help of Friends who stand ever ready and anxious to lend a helping hand to each and every soul who arrives, distraught with mental agony for their mistakes upon earth. That they do suffer torture is evident by the hopeless expression they have upon arrival. They seem to repent so fully upon the journey here, that it proves the great effect of a pure thought over the imperfect one.

The Spirit soon begins to expand, after soothing lessons of God-given courage to the weaker ones. It is most wonderful to watch the effect of Spirit growth. It takes place before our eyes, touching the face with beautiful lines, enhancing the form to great and glorious lines of strength such as the earthly being never had. Victory over imperfect thought is one of our greatest achievements. It is a joy to every Spirit to watch and assist at the supreme moment of good work — the imperfect thought dissolves into a tiny dewdrop, thus proving that as the lily came from lake mud, so can God bring forth a pure dewdrop at will, from a repentant Spirit. It is the essence of purification.

Friend B. (Spirit)