Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Spiritual Thought

Ah, to the thinker cometh all things;
He of true heart heareth the Spirit sing
Of kindly deeds, both great and small,
Where life broadens out to the higher call
And the Spirit expands and embraces all
That is worthy, in this world, also the next;
He will be given a grand, golden text
By our Father in Heaven and by Him be blest,
That he may teach near and far through the land
Of Truth on the highway and Truth on the shore;
'Twill be a message to rush through the ocean's roar,
East, South, North and West it will soar,
A great and kind message which is heavenly blest
Of how Love and Truth go hand in hand
To the faraway country of Nobody's Land,
Where restless the Souls of wrongdoers stray,
Till purification awakens them to Eternal Day;
Then Love and Truth will lead them away
To thoughts full of hope and of God on high,
And they thank Him and bless Him and happily cry
To all whom they meet on their flight through the sky;
Gratitude never will cease on their part,
That God gave them power of cleansing their heart
Of all that was unworthy of spiritual thought.
Ah, thanks be to God for this triumph so great,
And the permit to pass freely through His holy gate.
Amen to Him, King of the Heavenly band;
Amen to Him of the dear, kindly hand;
Amen to Him, who is God on High,
And Amen to Him of the all-seeing eye.

Clifford (Spirit)