Sunday, 13 April 2014

Spirit Thought Growth

To deny the Spirit and its power to communicate through unresisting channels with earthly beings, is denying all progression of thought in the afterlife. The average person will admit an afterlife, therefore why not do so in a liberal manner? As you admit the future home must be on a higher Plane than the one which you now dwell on, so keep your mind ad libitum to receive advancing thought in its full beauty; never allow it to sing a requiem of departed glory, for the glory of the future is so far beyond what comes before in mortal life, that we are amazed that many of you of earth feel such dread to gaze upon it through the windows of your Soul, opening your ears to our voices, listening to our kindly advice.

Awaken yourselves, dear friends! Listen to us and become interested in Spiritual thought growth. It is the only way to arrive at true happiness.

Frank G. Fay (Spirit)