Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Spirit growth and things divine

Winging onward, far and near,
Hark to me, my friend so dear:
Help all forward, never fear,
Should they mistake thy meaning clear;
It will follow and adhere
To some portion of their mind,
And will explain itself in time.
You cannot think for others, dear,
You can but pass the thought to their ear;
Then if theirs be the thoughtful mind,
Spirit growth and things divine
Will enter quickly to that mind;
But where the thought is slow to form
You must have patience to help them on.
Never flag in your efforts to advance,
Never chide those who have missed the chance
To improve their inner selves, for perchance
Had they have known what you have learned,
Many miles ahead they might have been;
One can never tell till they have tried,
Just how far their thought can fly;
Urge them on is what we cry;
Fail not to grasp all hope and truth;
These two sting not as a serpent's tooth,
They but make thy daily life more beautiful.

Clifford (Spirit)