Saturday, 12 April 2014

Perfect in every way

Our greatest happinesses on earth are often brought about by the simplest of happenings. A miracle takes place in our minds, as gently as the falling of a feather, as quickly as a flash of light. At some little kindness of act or word, we become happy all of a sudden! Without warning the whole world is bathed in rosy light. We laugh, we sing, we seem to grow and expand in the region of our hearts. Be not selfish with atoms of kindness when they are the cause of so much happiness. For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven made — the most wondrous kingdom ever builded. A kingdom which will stand through all Eternity without a tremble, as its foundation is pure Truth gathered together and bound by Love into solid structure of greatest beauty that can ever be known. It defies comparison, for as I have before mentioned, there is naught with which to compare it, for it is perfect in every way.

Clifford (Spirit)