Saturday, 12 April 2014

Our prayer for you all

Dear Friends, our prayer for you all is that you may realise the beauties of the Life Eternal which God has prepared for you. Guard yourselves against unholy and impure thought, as it will detain you on the upward flight. Try to prepare yourselves with our assistance, to meet your Maker with a clean heart. If you feel that you have sinned in body or mind, do not feel that you are lost to God's sight, but try to remedy your mistakes by the life which is left before you. Gaze not backward upon a blight, except when you are tempted to make another mistake, in which case a backward glance may be of service to you. Let it never step forward to be your master again. Let it fade into nothingness; remodel the remainder of the human part of yourself; by so doing and accepting us, there will be brightness and not darkness before your gaze. We pray you one and all, we beseech you one and all, to believe in God as He really is, the most beautiful, most wonderful and gentle Being in all the universe, who awaits patiently your acceptance of Him into your heart.

O my Friends, keep Him not waiting on the outside. Let Him enter freely and bring to you the great love He is so anxious to give to all. His whole thought is of love and kindness to every being on earth and in Heaven. Hear this little prayer of ours. Trust us for the sake of Christ and your own Soul. Try your utmost; fear nothing but evil, let your motto be Ever onward and upward. May the blessing of God in His mercy descend upon you as a golden shower, lighting your way to higher hopes, kindly acts, any and every particle of good you may find to do while on earth. Let nothing escape you in the way of helpfulness to others. Think not of self except as a quantity for doing good. Pray often to God for strength for all good purpose and it will be given to you in great and glorious measure. All He asks of you while in your earthly husk is to try to do your best at all times and under all circumstances. To try truthfully and earnestly means success in the end. A sincere try for the truthful is what is needed as a spur in every mind. Again I ask God's blessing for you all to bring courage and hope to you. May all imperfection vanish from your mind as dew before the sun. Think of us all as kind friends waiting to help you to the right pathways.

Cherish your mothers and your fathers. Strive to bring happiness into their lives while you may. Shun every unkind word or act. Treat them as they deserve, for they are the most precious gift God gives you while on earth — they are the one earthly treasure that never dims with wear. Amen!

Clifford (Spirit)