Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Love in a Christly way

As the mists roll and melt away before thy gaze,
As the beauties before thee gather in splendour with the rising sun;
So dear friend, doth the mind expand as thoughts wing upward.
Teach thyself to know that God is the great Truth —
Thus preparing thyself for the beauties beyond the grave;
Let thy Spirit friends guide thee aright,
Let thy heart have full trust in them that love thee
With a love which will endure through all the ages.
The beauty and truth of everlasting day will be thine;
Oh, pray to God often and with sincere faith,
And thy vision will soon learn to cleave the mists
And stretch away beyond the stars for hope and comfort.
No earthly friend may prepare thy mind as God will,
No earthly friend may tell thee aught of Heaven;
The spirit voices only may murmur these things to thee:
Life, Hope, Love, the great trinity, for they mean God.
God is the great and entire essence of our being;
That part of it which makes all pure and good;
Therefore let all unworthiness be crowded out;
Let naught but purity and worthiness enter thy soul,
That gift of God over which He yearneth ever
For thee to love and appreciate to its full
The great depth of feeling which it may contain,
The wondrous amount of beauty within itself,
So that you may learn to offer it to others
To lift and help forward any stumbling soul ye may meet.
This is a work blessed by God and His angels;
It means the acceptance of God into thyself,
It means the attainment of a perfect life
Where the tongue of mankind forgets all power of evil
Against friend or foe, sparing them all unkindly thought,
Regardless of the slander they may have done to thee;
Close thy mind to their imperfections, and pity them
If they fall behind thee in thy flight to higher Planes
Pity them and lend the helping hand where 'er ye can;
Think not harshly of their wrong and thoughtless word,
For as the dear Christ said so long ago:
They know not what they do.
And as the Christ of today still says:
Forgive, that ye may be forgiven.
Love, or at least try hard to love all for my sake;
My children, one and all, I beseech thee, love in a Christly way;
It is the one great, true aim in life — now and always.

Clifford (Spirit)