Tuesday, 8 April 2014

I am with you in spirit

Think, dear, what joy is ours. Can you wonder that we beg of you not to weep over us? The separation is but brief; therefore, my Mother, rejoice with me, for I am the fortunate one. I long to share the happiness with you. To make you smile away your tears, dearest, to fold you in my arms once again, so that you may feel them about you as I do, is one of my happiest thoughts. I am with you in spirit, Mother, believe me. I come at your call, stand by your side in time of trouble, gathering forces of strength and courage to aid you when your heart is sad. Gladly would I bear all pain, but that the Spirit can feel no bodily pain such as mortals have to bear.

Tenderest thoughts of you, dear Mother, are ever present with me. All of my loved ones are in my thoughts. The touch of my hand falls lightly upon your head at times. You cannot feel, but it comes with a whispered kiss softly, like the breath of a butterfly alighting on a spirit flower. All is well, Mother. We will be together for all Eternity, and that is a wondrous thing to think on.

Clifford (Spirit)