Tuesday, 22 April 2014

House-cleaners of the mind

There is no Pit of Hell so far as I can learn. The sordid and unclean human mind is hell enough for any man or being with life, for it is a continual torment until reinstated into cleaner and more pure dwelling place, with and by the aid of anyone of us who may be privileged to enter and help in the purification. So you see we act as true house-cleaners of the mind whenever given the opportunity and a joy it is to us to behold the result of our handiwork — bringing Peace and Plenty, Hope and Love, Courage and Faith led by Truth to the upward path.

To see the Spirit discard the waste and take on these better qualities is a joy and rapture to our beings. In very ordinary language I might say that the Spirit is literally peeled of its imperfect covering, allowing it to shine forth in its glory. It is the same thing as the Spirit unfolding to higher thought.

Clifford (Spirit)