Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Heaven love

Think noble thoughts each day and year,
Think cheerful thoughts to help you here,
Think kindly thoughts to lift and cheer
The weary wanderer on his way,
His heart is heavy, his feet of clay
Until he sees the Light of Eternal Day,
And sheds the husk and grasps the crown
Of Truth and Purity which here abound.
Ah, think well on these words sincere,
Their meaning plain and very clear
To all who open to the Light
Their hearts and minds in pure delight,
To gain the wondrous happiness and love,
Which sheds its lustre gently as a dove
Floats through the summer air to its love,
And nestles close and shelters with its mother wing;
For such is Heaven love, all kind and true,
The spreading glory for all and you.

Clifford (Spirit)