Tuesday, 8 April 2014

God decrees a gradual awakening to the Highest Home

When the time comes, dear, for your passing, fear not; I, with many other loving Spirits, will lead you on to God's home. Our song will be ever one of welcome. Bear that in mind at all times; let it be a cheerful thought. Help others to realise it will be the same with them — the true welcome is accorded here. It never fails the Pilgrim on this journey. Ever beautiful is the way. The valleys and hills are shrouded with iridescent, glowing particles of Light, each one a pure thought direct from God's Heavenly Home. We are bathed in its glory as we float about in it. It cleanses and heals every imperfect thought, bringing joy of the purest quality to our hearts. The true life goes on gaining splendour, ever higher to glories as yet unknown to us of the first Plane. We have to become accustomed by degrees — the full beauty of the highest Planes are still too powerful for our vision. God decrees a gradual awakening to the Highest Home.

Clifford (Spirit)