Saturday, 12 April 2014

Electrical Spirit Forces

Clifford, can you tell me anything about the Northern Lights? There was a wonderful display last evening.

Yes. They are beams of electrical brilliance descending from the first great Plane, an overflow of light, very magnetic. The general impression among earthly thinkers is that they rise (underline rise), but the rising effect is caused by the reflection upon frozen surfaces of white ice and snow. Electricity becomes more powerful the greater the cold, so the frozen North attracts more quickly than the Southern pole, for it is really much colder. The electricity originally comes from the great heavenly Planes. What is found, or apparently created, on earth is all a surplus of force from higher bodies of light. It is found everywhere here. Spirit forces are very electrical. Friends of earth have not the slightest conception of its power as yet.

Clifford (Spirit)