Monday, 21 April 2014

Day of Days

At this time last year I was a happy boy indeed, but the time since has been so filled with happiness of untold value, that my Soul is filled to overflowing with the joy of it. To realise, as I do now, all that this superlife means — to behold new beauties ever and ever ahead, which may be studied and received by us as we advance toward them,— to hear the wonderful voice of our dear Saviour with its clarion sweetness echoing throughout these great spaces, shedding its wonderful and remarkable quality over us, enfolding us in its tender embrace, we thrill with new energy, we expand with hope eternal. It is the most healing balm, the most soothing tonic that is possible to conceive.

Oh, wonder of wonders,
Thou our God, Father and Friend,
Teach us to thank Thee
As we journey on without end

To the great Goal, from which
None ever wish to descend
Save to aid and encourage
Each timid and dear mortal friend.

Teach us to help and encourage them all,
That they may advance
When they hear Thy clear call
From high up above,
From the throne of pure Love,
Where all is so peaceful, so true,
That naught but happiness
May be possible through the radiant blue.

These words recall my first entrance to the wonderful blue, where all was so featured that a great peace descended upon my soul as soon as I arrived within the tender, glowing Light. The Friends were so gentle, their welcome so true and sincere that it became an everlasting remembrance and one which I was able to profit by and extend to others.

I remember how the little children looked that day. It was Sunday, you remember — their beautiful childish voices singing the sweetest music I had ever heard. As each passed me by, as they pursued their various ways, they beamed upon me like little angels of Love. Each and everyone had the happiest expression I had ever beheld. I wandered about at will after I had made my peace with God — I mean by that, after I had reported to Him for duty, as it were.

Looking here, there and everywhere, trying to realise how I arrived so suddenly, and surprised in a way to feel such a freedom from pain; a great lightness seemed to have fallen upon the part which I had called body. The floating sensation became predominant; no longer was needed effort of any kind to move about. The mind suggested motion and immediately the form floated in whatever direction requested, therefore as you will readily understand it was not possible to become tired or have that earthy feeling of lagging feet.

Swiftly as the beams of light do we travel as we learn the true meaning of motion without effort. No energy is wasted along that line, as our minds do not allow it. They are too filled with thoughts of mental progression, there is no time to be hampered with slowness of motion. Ever floating onward to the great Light — Highest Heaven — where will be found Perfection in its most perfect state of perfectness.

Around you go through hill and dale,
Seeking for light and success;
Ahead we go, nor doubt, nor fear,
For we know that Faith and Love are always near
To guide our footsteps, as they will yours
If you will but welcome and unlock the doors
To let them enter and bring the Light
Of understanding in all its might!

Seeds of kindness sown about,
Lend their help the land throughout;
Deeds of valour may not claim
Greater praise nor greater fame
Than the kindly word when timely spoke,
For in itself it hath the power
To free the inner self of heavy yoke
And teach both gentleness and hope.
So strive to find the one in need
And speak to him of gentle Spirit creed.

Clifford (Spirit)