Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Concrete of Love

The wondrous beauty of the home appeals to me this night. It is with glad and loving thought that I describe my joy and some of the beauties. Great and beautiful trees shade our home, their perfumed flowers shedding fragrance in and about the interior as no earthly flowers could. There are birds and happy children about everywhere within the garden which surrounds the home, for all are welcome to each home here. Such a thing as a fence was never needed in this fair land. Ah, no! no need of that obstruction. We are generous with what is ours. Everything is open to the fragrant wind that blows. You will so love it that it will almost be a pain at first.

The soft and beautiful Light glinting here and there amid the soft shadows of the building. You ask of what material it is made? Why, Love of course, dear Friend, the whole structure is the Concrete of Love. The essence of True Worth has cemented all the parts, and large, ample rooms appear as by magic on all sides, whenever we have use for them.

Clifford (Spirit)