Saturday, 12 April 2014

An Aching Spirit would be a queer thing

Bodily ills seem so far away from us that it is hard to realise we ever had any pains while on earth. They have faded in our minds as quickly as a bubble breaks. How beautiful that it is so. Now we have the most perfect health one can imagine. Freedom from earthly pain is one of the great blessings which God has bestowed upon us in our present and future state. An Aching Spirit would be a queer thing, would it not, my friend? God in His mercy forbade that calamity. We are wonderful to behold in our superb health of mind and form. I cannot say body, as our form is not composed of matter such as our earthly body was, yet we still retain a resemblance to our former selves in ways which make us appear perfectly natural to our loved ones, either to them that are here, or ones to come. There is no long hunt, searching out a familiar face. We will appear to you as when you last saw us. We are improvements on the most beautiful thought you can give us.

Clifford (Spirit)